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<cf'trashguy> he can ban your ip at Layer 3
<cf'ArachV0id> i wonder if bek sicced him at us
<cf'tacopizzaman> hey trash lol///whats layer 3?
<cf'trashguy> Layer 3 of the OSI Model
<cf'tacopizzaman> o ok is it part of irc ?
<cf'ArachV0id> na it's like
<cf'ArachV0id> she's wearing a bra
<cf'ArachV0id> and then above that a shirt
<cf'ArachV0id> and then a sweater
<cf'ArachV0id> so that's the third layer
<cf'tacopizzaman> lolllllllllllllll
<cf'trashguy> kinda reversed
<cf'ArachV0id> the griefgar can stop you from getting through layer 3
<cf'trashguy> the presentation layer would definatley be tits
<cf'ArachV0id> the sweater
<cf'tacopizzaman> lol exactly
<%cougem> this is excellent
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