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Neoptolomeus > "You are flagged for stealing from an unsecured tree. Agression countdown 15 minutes." - God, to Adam and Eve after they took the apples.
Neoptolomeus > "See, because of you, we lost standings with GOD and now we are KOS in Eden. We'll have to live in 0.0." - Adam, to Eve, a short while later.
Neoptolomeus > "Once again, the Book of Revelations is not an upcoming patch." - God, answering to an insistent EVE player.
Neoptolomeus > "It's the destruction of the whole universe as they know it, it's the single most devastating event in the prophecies. And they think I named it after an Amarr ship." - God, on the Apocalypse.
Neoptolomeus > "Big deal, I can make a REAL one in seven days." - God, upon knowing CCP created a whole virtual universe in 4 years.
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