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The Enslaver > k
Pawe > hi i was wondering if u can pound my POD more often?
Pawe > i was hoping to find some pinetrees out there but aperently i was wrong... i only found shiny dildos
The Enslaver > sure
The Enslaver > how hard?
Pawe > oh yeas ive found my sexpartner
Pawe > i would like int the ass with a torpedo
The Enslaver > k
Pawe > and next time i will bring my fellow noobs and then we can have a gang bang... What do u say?
The Enslaver > more the merrier ofc
Pawe > i was hoping to find someone to make love to my POD earlier in 0,0 space but i guess we where meant to be
The Enslaver > yeah
The Enslaver > definately
Pawe > what ship was it that pumped me?
The Enslaver > crusader... 2 big spiky bits on front ofc
Pawe > an interceptor?
The Enslaver > oh yes
Pawe > ah its that one... thats why it felt so good
The Enslaver > oh yes
The Enslaver > tech 2 mods ofc
Pawe > ooooooh! thats ow u found my gspot so fast
Pawe > tech 2 tracking comps
The Enslaver > yes
The Enslaver > well I am afraid I must go :(
Pawe > nooo my lover!!!
Pawe > please dont go
The Enslaver > I'm sorry, I have to
Pawe > wery well then =(... u deserve a kiss
The Enslaver > k
* Pawe gives The Enslaver a kiss on his juicy lips
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