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Danielle O'Rage > girls arent just dont speak our language is all
BlueMajere > srsly i dont get it
BlueMajere > weve beeen dating for 2 years
BlueMajere > and all of a sudden now she tells me that i don't tell her how i feel enough
4EnDeR > girlfriend aggro cannot be tanked
Jarbis Leed > Sure it can. But the damage will be severe
4EnDeR > girlfriend strikes perfectly wreaking for life
ImpiousHeaven > yeah it can, Hollyoaks has all the right resists, especially the omnibus, can tank them for hours
Jarbis Leed > as im aware, the only place you can tank GF/wife aggro is by safing up on the couch. Triage module sacrifices ability to come to bed that night.
Jarbis Leed > And the couch is a cold, hard place to safespot...
4EnDeR > or send kids (aka drones) in to help
Jarbis Leed > And take my word for it: if you're looking for an ammotype, go therm, they always have a weak therm tank. You'll never get anywhere with explosive tho.
Jarbis Leed > And their targeting and range is unbeatable: so running and hiding wont work either :P
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