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Aquillar > 6 shrapnel bombs left
Aquillar > shall I grab more? lololol
Baalkon > hold up =p
Aquillar > we need a shrapnel bomb bpo
Baalkon > a shrapnel bomb BPO is n/a on the market
Aquillar > I know
Baalkon > 2M gets u a 10 run copy of a bpc
Aquillar > not bad considering each bomb is 2 mill
Baalkon > if u want i can pick some up but im not sure it is worth getting 1 at this stage
Aquillar > I alreayd have 9 in my ship
Aquillar > o/ for the love of god do not shoot me
Baalkon > that'd make 1 prtty explosion =p
Aquillar > 1.5 mill trit per run
Baalkon > bombs should explode with the death of ur ship (if u're destroyed by someone else)
Aquillar > agreed
Baalkon > that'd cause kamakazi runs
Aquillar > and each additional bomb should add 200% to explosion radius
Baalkon > but i'd pack a couple in my cargo for every op lol
Baalkon > if ur dumb ass frigs r point blank on me when i blow, they die with me ;)
Aquillar > get an industrial, fill her up with 250 million worth in bombs and self destruct
Baalkon > nah not self destruct
Baalkon > self destruct wouldnt trigger it ;)
Aquillar > gauranteed to pod yourself and everyone else within 9500 km
Baalkon > gotta make it such that someone else kills u
Aquillar > finnnee
Baalkon > it'd sure make those bored low sec gate campers think twice lol
Aquillar > hahahaha
Aquillar > "WAIT, did you cargo scan that indy??"
Baalkon > BOOM *everyone dies*
Baalkon > "nope, guess u didnt..."
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