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Miscus V > starts playing basketball
Revanic > uses baseball bat to hit miscus V and tells him to play more evil sport that you can use weapons in
Revanic > :D
Miscus V > switches to paintball
Revanic > swithes to pigeon shooting
Miscus V > switches to russian roulette
Miscus V > pushes the red button
Miscus V > nukes ftw
Revanic > sits back in station chair remembering that the shields are indestructable :)
Miscus V > deploys neut drones.... presses red button again
Revanic > then uses station defensesto flatten the planet miscus launched the nukes from
Revanic > kills nuet drones with massive uber nuet drone killing array
Miscus V > too bad the master chief made it to your ship first... end game
Minuteman > What did the EVE player say when he went into a church?
Minuteman > "Pew pew pew"
Minuteman > Get it? :)
Nerochi > my corp mates was looking at this site while at a gate camp, they all got blown up since they was laughing so hard they could not hear there ships being attacked!
Fellivaril > Matti is hardcore enough for us all the way i hear it he can take down a titan win a kessie while only fitted with 1 rocket laucher
dysje > yes matt is pretty hardcore
dysje > matt is so hardcore, he can titan jump a titan himself
Fellivaril > i hear he can titan jump without the titan!!!!
dysje > that too
Unholy GiT > i hear he can titan jump a ibis
Mattias Kerensky > I am in fact that hardcore.
Fellivaril > you hear that also i thought it was a myth
Mattias Kerensky > I am so hardcore I can oneshot 5 titans at the same time. With a Civilian Gatling Autocannon.
Fellivaril > i call BS on that one
Mattias Kerensky > /emote blows up felli
Fellivaril > WOW he podded me with his thoughts
Mattias Kerensky > /emote wins.
Fellivaril > ALL HAIL MATTI
Mattias Kerensky > /emote accepts the accolades of his subjects.
Cutter Isaacson > gallente tier 3 BS is uglier than a hunchback inbred after a multi car pile up
Ben Booley > i was about to go with only 10
Ben Booley > and then the rest all suddenly joined
Namamai > no tears, mind you, was just a sabre and it was a good kill
Ben Booley > fucking fleet finder
Ben Booley > i wanted a goodfight
Bacchanalian > hey, I'm happy with the Vaga and Hurricane kill
Bacchanalian > was a good trade
Namamai > yeah, the vaga was nice
Ben Booley > ccc
Bacchanalian > but as I said, we made a mistake I won't make again--looking for a :goodfight: from Genos
Ben Booley > m8 if it ws just genos you wouldve got a goodfight
Namamai > but tbh mate, if you want goodfights you failed right off the start by putting up something in fleet finder.
Ben Booley > they dont know how to x
Ben Booley > its the only way to get anyone in fleet
Namamai > then congrats, you're internet white knighting for the eve equivalent of the special olympics ;)
<wizzard66> im in my first heaven ever
<wizzard66> i thouhgt it was all angels with blond hair and wet pussies
<wizzard66> but no
<wizzard66> its meany BS shooting the shit out of me
<wizzard66> then again
<wizzard66> im in heaven cos i HAVE bs shooting hte shit out of me
<wizzard66> who needs pussie!!
<Ashrah> wizz your scary
<wizzard66> :/
< tresani> Um, yes, well ... I saw the porn on the screen, so I put my penis in the computer - I figured it just works like that, you know?
< tresani> And while it was a little warm, I mean - it just added to the sensation. But as soon as it was over, well ... now I need a new motherboard :)
Gilligan Zaftig > (ignores PK) laterz!!!
Preceptor Komier > so now i do the .|.. ..|.
Gilligan Zaftig > so u only have 4 fingers?
Preceptor Komier > yup
Preceptor Komier > 4 fingers and a thumb
Gilligan Zaftig > lol
Preceptor Komier > a thumb is not a finger
Gilligan Zaftig > the thumb is a fingeR!
Gilligan Zaftig > all fingers have names
Preceptor Komier > a thumb is a digit
Preceptor Komier > it is not a finger
Gilligan Zaftig > thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky
Gilligan Zaftig > not in that order....anyway bye ass!
Willa Murdoc > according to media player I have listened to this song 69 times
Willa Murdoc > hmmmmm
Varkosas > >69
KDoom > windows 7, now with sex life helper app
KDoom > I'm a sex addict and win 7 was my idea
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