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Daniel Jackson > o btw to tell u that most of the people in the chat i was talking about are gay
Daniel Jackson > just to tell u i am not gay
SSG SPANO > well that was some much needed info there danny
Daniel Jackson > i could invite u to that chasst if u want
Daniel Jackson > chat
Galazar > did u just say u missed me?
Your momma > he misses your c**k in his anus
Galazar > lol
Simeon Antrates > on this one occaision gal i will admit it
Daakkon > ^_^
Daakkon > you want some britney spears or kylie minogue?
Sochin > britney
ThorHal > mining wtf is mining?
<KaneED> exotic dancers do nothing for me
<Levin> =o
<KaneED> they're kinda small
<Levin> you more of a damsel fan?
<KaneED> well
<Levin> you like the 250kg laydeez?
<[CRC]Sherkaner> if they are contraband, it's in the item info
<KaneED> no Levin, i will never fancy you
<KaneED> :(
(from help channel)
Jake Solnich > why the underlines?
Dworek > why is evrythng underlined and bold?
Panther77 > aaaaah i got underline bug, how did that happen
Oveur > and I have to run now folks, wife wants me back, I'm on vacation ;)
Libertina > hehe we broke it apparently
Oveur > damn I hat this bug
@Estarriol ¦ beer
@dukath|work ¦ hope i got enough cash for a new pc now
@Estarriol ¦ screw pc
@Estarriol ¦ beer > pc
Dragonlover > just doing missions now, trying out this tractor :)
Dragonlover > way sweet :)
Babel > lmao
Babel > John Dere ?
Dragonlover > yep
Babel > *very bizarre image in head* :P
Dashi > anyone know where those imp are now?
Hellcore > probably gone home to work out how to cram more ecm and wcs on their ships
schantrac > tiki log off
schantrac > stop finding targets jessus
schantrac > i demand that ccp nerf tiki
Chalid > hehe
Sevjer > I've already petitioned him
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