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* cyberfail blows the dust off his HP deskjet 500
<Aea> cyberfail blows
<Aea> All I needed to hear
<cyberfail> ehhhhh
<Levin> i read that as All I needed to bear
<Levin> and thought of a giant spider made of bears
<cyberfail> o.0
<Levin> bears vs spiders
<Levin> who wins?
<cyberfail> spider of course
<Levin> unless
<cyberfail> if it's a black widow
<Levin> black widows arent even deadly
<Levin> bears fucking kill people
<Levin> you can shoot a bear in the face
<Levin> and all it will do is get more pissed
<cyberfail> Pathetic: bears
<%Pathetic> Bears fucking kill people.
<Levin> see?
<cyberfail> well gues you were right Levin
cukorrar > a damnation is better at the fleet role than an absolution
cukorrar > yeha
Nisus Blaze > 12 mil off a hurricane
Nisus Blaze > here i am.... ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE
Nisus Blaze > THEY Need a t2 drake and rokh
cukorrar > the absolution is just a more heavily tankable BC capable of more DPS than a standard BC
Alex Vecci > why not.... ROKH YOU LIKE AN HURRICANE, nis?
cukorrar > lol
Nisus Blaze > hehehehe
Da'Liv Lypos > lol
Ivan Jakanov > i can look at porn in game if it's just pictures
Ivan Jakanov > and i'm not being shot at
Mrs Kleo > pros play eve in window mode to watch porn
Ivan Jakanov > i've tried that before actually..
Ivan Jakanov > mining and watching porn videos
Elydakai > "D
Faust vonkraken > 2 monitors ftw
Ivan Jakanov > jetcan whacking ftw
Ivan Jakanov > mining/whacking mining/wahcking
Elydakai > this is true
Otocinclus > wacking off confirmed
Screaming Blade > Im doing that right now :D
Otocinclus > win
Screaming Blade > while mining 2 ark roids
Ivan Jakanov > click+drag.. fap fap fap.. click+drag... fap fap fap..
Otocinclus > pafpafpafpafpafpafpaf
Screaming Blade > your doing it wrong oto
Ivan Jakanov > i wish i could do some ABC mining right now
Otocinclus > how do you know you're not doing it wrong?
Outlaw Jenner > ugh fuckin grinding l2s is so gay
Darveses > again mike
Darveses > im gay, l2s are poo
Darveses > learn the difference
Daniel Jackson > o btw to tell u that most of the people in the chat i was talking about are gay
Daniel Jackson > just to tell u i am not gay
SSG SPANO > well that was some much needed info there danny
Daniel Jackson > i could invite u to that chasst if u want
Daniel Jackson > chat
Galazar > did u just say u missed me?
Your momma > he misses your c**k in his anus
Galazar > lol
Simeon Antrates > on this one occaision gal i will admit it
Daakkon > ^_^
Daakkon > you want some britney spears or kylie minogue?
Sochin > britney
ThorHal > mining wtf is mining?
(from help channel)
Jake Solnich > why the underlines?
Dworek > why is evrythng underlined and bold?
Panther77 > aaaaah i got underline bug, how did that happen
Oveur > and I have to run now folks, wife wants me back, I'm on vacation ;)
Libertina > hehe we broke it apparently
Oveur > damn I hat this bug
@Estarriol ¦ beer
@dukath|work ¦ hope i got enough cash for a new pc now
@Estarriol ¦ screw pc
@Estarriol ¦ beer > pc
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