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Aduna > hey mirel
Aduna > stfu and go fuck your sister
Aduna > :)
mirel yirrin > NO
mirel yirrin > SHUT UP
mirel yirrin > FUCK OFF
Freyjan > ill fuck her
mirel yirrin > DIE IN A PLANE FIRE
Freyjan > wait you have a sister?
Freyjan > no mirel
Freyjan > chemical fire
Freyjan > CHEMICAL
Freyjan > or grease
mirel yirrin > a very young, jailbait sister >_>
Freyjan > nice
Freyjan > pix plz?
Freyjan > linky linky
mirel yirrin > and every single fucking person in this fucking corp is obsessed with fucking her for some reason!
mirel yirrin > You bunch of sick bastards!
Freyjan > my friend once made a comment about how he'd fuck my sister
Freyjan > this was at a party we were having
Rhodey > She sounds like the girl from harry potter! ITS HAWT
Freyjan > this is before he knew i had one, actually
mirel yirrin > Come back in four years you Cock-juggling thundercunts !
Freyjan > so I shout back to him (truthfully).....
Freyjan > DUDE she's SEVEN!!!
Freyjan > and he's like OH MY GOD
mirel yirrin > WIN!
Freyjan > everyone sorta laughs at him and calls him a pedo for a week
mirel yirrin > afk watching vindicator movie
Freyjan > it was hysterical =)
Aduna > mirel, chalk up another omgrawr entry
mirel yirrin > For the Record: Masturbating with a Screwdriver is VERY VERY Painful.
[CRC]Conuion> Wait, what are we doing?
<Virtuozzo> you're fast this evening :/
<Virtuozzo> my thread got nerfed within 3 minutes
<OneiroMeph> *pew pew*
<OneiroMeph> What thread?
<[BH]Caleo> they're hungry, working hard to earn dinner
<Virtuozzo> good thing though, as I though it was within context, but actually rather way outside
<[CRC]Conuion> I blame Serathu by default
<Virtuozzo> you have to be BOB or vicitim of BOB to understand the reference though :P
<OneiroMeph> Errr
<[CRC]Conuion> I know the reference
<OneiroMeph> Who's Pink Thong?
<[CRC]Conuion> and I'm neither
<[CRC]Conuion> SamuraiJack
<OneiroMeph> The cartoon caracter?
<Virtuozzo> oh crap, it's spread outside those ranks?
<[CRC]Conuion> He promised that if ASCN lost the war, he would post a picture of himself in a pink Thong
<Virtuozzo> um no
<[CRC]Conuion> He was a CLS director iirc
<Virtuozzo> look up the bio of samuraijack in game
<Virtuozzo> he still has the link there I think
<OneiroMeph> I can't login
<Virtuozzo> otherwise ...
<OneiroMeph> Meph has taken over the PC
<OneiroMeph> I'm banished to use the laptop
<[CRC]Conuion> That's why you have your fancy new hybrid nick...
<Virtuozzo> lol
<Virtuozzo> "A merger of the third kind" :P
<OneiroMeph> Tbh, he looks quite hot in that thong
<Virtuozzo> ....
<OneiroMeph> Whaaaat?
<Virtuozzo> please
<Virtuozzo> bad visuals
<OneiroMeph> Oh well, I suppose you have to be a girl to understand the reference
<Virtuozzo> Sj in that pink thong nearly killed the whole war by leaving no survivors with intact eyesight
<Virtuozzo> heh
<OneiroMeph> Now now, don't make me post the second most awful black metal pic ever...
<Virtuozzo> ow come one, you know you want to
<OneiroMeph> Actually, no. It's really horrible
<OneiroMeph> But if you insist....
<Virtuozzo> I do insist
<Virtuozzo> if only to recover from another Sj Pink Thong Trauma
Volkie > no one leaves NJ or ill hunt u and burn ur soul
Volkie > then eat it
Volkie > and feed it to the young NJiens
ms pwnage > coooooooooooool
Augin - Fuck you Ruzo, haha
Ruzo - No, I won't fuck you
Ruzo - I'll rape you though
Augin - You can't rape the willing
MattoRamaa > theres no large collidables in the overview but they appear in space
Tsavu Irika > "Gays are a plague on humanity!...except the guys. Gay guys doing it is hot."
Dirk Fallows > Jamming Drones? Drones don't Jam.. they ROCK
<BobWango> bye bye all...its been interesting
<Galazar> cya wang
Shirer Aprenon > how far are you from your bs mate?
Sitek > havnt looked me still mining i think still long way to go
Shirer Aprenon > which one are you after?
Sitek > apoc is that right
Shirer Aprenon > sounds right :)
Sitek > still in the one lm lent me to use
Shirer Aprenon > it mines fast - 8 high slots? or 9
Asestorian > how can anything have 9 high slots?
Sitek > it has 8
Asestorian > you know of a secret ship then shirer? with 9 high slots? :P
Shirer Aprenon > so sorry o eve master
Asestorian > lol
Shirer Aprenon > for i have not had the honour of having anything more exciting than a brutix
Asestorian > thats right, bow to me!
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