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Unitas Galactica > hello little noob :)
Tank God > little???
Unitas Galactica > lol
Kanshisha > lol
Tank God > look in mah pants woman!!!!
* Kanshisha measures tank
Unitas Galactica > lol
Kanshisha > damn that was typed at exactly the WRONG time
[Knoi Den] if you self destruct.. do you survive or do you go down with the ship?
[Bodestone] do you get bonuses f you go down on anytthing/one?
RedWyvern > the officer dropped a hull repairer.
Keirin Hanzo > cool
RedWyvern > *small* hull repairer.
Keirin Hanzo > structure tanking 4tw
Bernprint > aww not bad I have been getting some nice loot from lvl 2 missions
RedWyvern > it's a bloody 4/10 complex! :(
Bernprint > I sell on the market just below everybody else and make some nice profit
Kedrich > ppl you are all MAD
Keirin Hanzo > sup ked?
RedWyvern > no, Mad's MAD. Remember?
Kedrich > you ahe his friends so you are too :)
RedWyvern > Blargle.
Keirin Hanzo > i fell for you, red
Keirin Hanzo > i never got anything good from complexes
RedWyvern > RAWR
RedWyvern > um
Keirin Hanzo > i blame it on ... kedrich
RedWyvern > *CONSPIRACY*
Kedrich > lol
Keirin Hanzo > consPIRACY
RedWyvern > ahh
RedWyvern > PIRACY. Invisible pirates stealing all my loot! or something.
Keirin Hanzo > not invisible. they are cloaked
RedWyvern > zomg
RedWyvern > all my base are belong to them? what can I do? O_O
Keirin Hanzo > use the ... Probes, my young padawan
Kedrich > yeah use anal probes...
RedWyvern > I think I'll smartbomb every cubic metre of the complex.
Keirin Hanzo > you should smart bom everya inch of ked instead
RedWyvern > yeah, the best way to probe the hidden depths of outer space is to probe the hidden inner depths of my arse. What? :P
Dark Rose > saw a blonde with green eye today
Idunyken > :o
Sky Hunter > EYE?
Sky Hunter > only one :P
Dark Rose > eyes :)
Sky Hunter > was she a pie-rat?
Idunyken > D:
stareon > i thought thay were going off line
stareon > ok do you know when its going down

[2005.12.14 20:14:44 info Dear players, the server will now be closing for deployment of the Red Moon Rising Patch. See you in 24 hours.

-EVE Customer Support Team]

Azia Burgi > now it seems
Azia Burgi > or not...
Azia Burgi > soon™
stareon > ok bye everyone
Valora > kurenin is flying a vindi and a dread at the same time? o_O
Nephlite > ya
Kurenin > I am like a woman, multitasking for the win
Shrike > youre like a woman, period.
Valora > and what a woman
shults: for a minute then i thought my balls blew up lol
Kinran: lol
xNashx: lol ow snowball ownage
<Galazar> if i pointed my coaxal cable out of my window...
<Galazar> would you be able to download my snow?
<Sabaoth> lmao
Lensherr > i was allalone a minute ago
jack bigbooty > any GM's here at the moment?
Securus > You still are.
Lensherr > nope
Securus > You don't think we are real?
Securus > Tsk, tsk.
Lensherr > ofcourse you are
Nath042 > hello?
Fenrus Amerus > moo
Nath042 > moooo?
Xiphius Epsilon > moo2
Lensherr > gronk
Fenrus Amerus > moo 2 u 2
Nath042 > moo moo
Le Skunk > whatus?
Hugo Strange > huh?
Securus > This all makes sense when you are drunk.
Hugo Strange > ah
Securus > Or so the voices tell me.
Hugo Strange > yeah but... moo?
Xiphius Epsilon > m o o
Hugo Strange > why moo?
Xiphius Epsilon > no one here but us cows?
Sergej > btw atan, what's the procedure for my acceptance as a full time member to jericho? you guys plan to have a meeting? just wanted to say that if it's up to me, after 12 days here I can say I like it
Viqer Fell > you have to perform a special task
Sergej > I'll bet 1 mil isk it somehow involves rubbing:P
Atandros > It involves canola oil, leather straps and my nipples.
marshall5 > if he says bend over watch out
Viqer Fell > and yes I'm sorry to say it involves Atandros, two large stoats, a small vat of vaseline and 3 hours of sweaty unpleasant messiness
Atandros > <i>Please, </i>monsieur. I am not so...crude.
Atandros > If you will pardon the pun. Aheh heh.
Sergej > nothing unplesent about that....
Sergej > :P
Viqer Fell > you haven't heard where he shoves the stoats yet
Sergej > well he does use vaseline, doesn't he?
Atandros > <i>Ooo-</i>oh! You have the right attitude, my boy!
Viqer Fell > erm yes but that;s for his hands which then go inside each stoat
Viqer Fell > its what he does next that'll sicken you
Leneerra > /emote flees the immagery
Sergej > I'll nick some vaseline extra then:P
Sergej > only fair we both get to have fun with it
Sergej > reciprocal vaseline use....
Sergej > might even do a preemptive strike there
Azure Skyclad > The order of Vaseline, Stoat and Atandros isn't set in stone...
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