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coolneo > :( i keep accidently closing this chnl instead of minimising lol
McAcabtr > noob
coolneo > :)
coolneo > i am, i admit it lol
Jarbis Leed > ..if we're all in a pod suspended in gooey plasma stuff...
Jarbis Leed > do we have a pipe going up our ass, or do we wear diapers?
Jarbis Leed > ...or does it all just float around in there?
Jarbis Leed > next time you pick up a corpse, reflect on what may or may not be stuck on its rear end before bringing it into your cargo.
Ehris Bok > Hot stuff, coming thru
[talking about pubes]
<+cougem> i shave totally every so often but its a bit weird
<+cougem> but kinda fun
<+cougem> i feel like a paedo looking at myself in the mirror
aLinix > yo dawg! i heard u liek to report hostiles, so we put a hostile in ur car so u can report while u drive!
* Ivan Jakanov slaps captain da as hard as he can and starts running
* Captain Da chases after Ivan with the chainsaw
* Ivan Jakanov turns around, kicks captain dud in the balls and keeps running
Captin Sid > Owww
Captain Da > That was awesome, thanks for taking that boot to the nuts for me dude.
* Captain Da rapes Ivan
HaulingAss > humm
HaulingAss > eve missing something ., dont ya feel it
Shadowglyph > has more than any other game avl, and hell this is the only pay to play game i have heard of that gives there expansions out for free
Shadowglyph > sure its not as massive as other games' expansions but they are still sugnifficant
HaulingAss > #e$^#^&ING PLANETS,, I CAN GO JUMP AROUND ON,, EAT THE &$&*&$ING DIRT,, SHIT IN THE WOOODS ,, jump back into my t3 ship head to the top[ of the planets just b4 you enter space ,, and ya jump ski diving back down to have 1 last good $%*&a...
HaulingAss > with betsy
HaulingAss > now thats a game
Shadowglyph > star trek online?
Shadowglyph > stil in development, but u can do that
HaulingAss > ya,, it a crock to right now
Shadowglyph > honestly the only new mmo that i'm excited about is the new star wars one, only cuz i like star wars =P
Shadowglyph > prolly wont even play it, but im still excited
HaulingAss > somebody at the testing games lab was told were all retards so i think there dumbing stuff up,, something to do with so many $*&$*ing fat people at mall mart,, hey check that site out ,, funny shit,,
Shadowglyph > lol
Shadowglyph > afk a few
HaulingAss > have ya seen it,, i love parking outside wallmart well my wife shops,, the &%$& fat asses ,, wow ,, 1 fell dowwn started rolling .. wallmart happy people ,, &lt; retards for short ya like i want some $*&$ing retard druling over my flyer ,
HaulingAss > so %*^% you mallmart
Gralg Merglen > i didn't realise that the patch added 'nutcases standing on streetcorners yelling random shit'
<wizzard66> im in my first heaven ever
<wizzard66> i thouhgt it was all angels with blond hair and wet pussies
<wizzard66> but no
<wizzard66> its meany BS shooting the shit out of me
<wizzard66> then again
<wizzard66> im in heaven cos i HAVE bs shooting hte shit out of me
<wizzard66> who needs pussie!!
<Ashrah> wizz your scary
<wizzard66> :/
Animora > domi warps fast?
Galadriela > yeah it's relatively quick to align and enter warp :)
Screaming Blade > because its so scared of that mirror
Rutilus > boy, i sure wish i hadn't wandered so far off station in my orca.
Rutilus > boy, i wish i hadn't wandered so far off station in my orca. again.
Rutilus > my orca has the "look like a mega" mod installed, and my skill is at V.
Onyxalia La'fiette > with bonuses to extra carebear appeal
Rutilus > yes, this.
Rutilus > i'm going to go mine some ... stuff.
Rutilus > whatever stuff it is that you mine.
Onyxalia La'fiette > yeah we need moar crack
Rutilus > turn big rocks into smaller rocks, off i go.
Rutilus > keep dinner warm for me!
Rutilus > going to the moon, brb.
Onyxalia La'fiette > you got it!
Onyxalia La'fiette > ill cover you in my machariel cleverly disguised as a titan
Rutilus > nice!
Onyxalia La'fiette > nobody will ever know the difference
Rutilus > i mean
Rutilus > hi ho hi ho
Onyxalia La'fiette > wait....we need a kraken
Rutilus > summon it.
Onyxalia La'fiette > someone invent one!!
Onyxalia La'fiette > wait i got it, lets take a brutix and attach a lotta minmatar parts to it
Onyxalia La'fiette > like arms n crap
Rutilus > YES
Rutilus > rakes and duct tape!
Onyxalia La'fiette > yeah lets totally do that
Onyxalia La'fiette > WOOT
Rutilus > a garage sale in space!
Onyxalia La'fiette > thats hawt
Rutilus > you're hawt.
Rutilus > oh noes, lesbo action in space!
Onyxalia La'fiette > newest minni-gallente faction ship.....the kraken
Rutilus > nerds everywhere just came.
Onyxalia La'fiette > gives bonuses to titans
Onyxalia La'fiette > oh babbeh
Sov Celderan > I used to have implants in the dick, like you. But then I took a 1400 to the pod.
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