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Burning Chrome > what would u like me in, and what are u running :)
cartmer > we are both in rookie ships
cartmer > with extreme fire pwoer
cartmer > and 100 orges each :D
<%DjNeWt> i love chinese
<%DjNeWt> cause i have duck
<Levin> its all horrible for you
<%DjNeWt> and my sister likes me alive
<%DjNeWt> them*
<%DjNeWt> lol
<Levin> ...
<Quantus> duck and peiking (sp)sauce
<Levin> *quoted*
<%DjNeWt> lol
<%DjNeWt> if i ever see that quote
<Quantus> mmm..
<%DjNeWt> i kill you
<%DjNeWt> and ban you
<%DjNeWt> and cut off your balls
<Julebruus> ^^
<Levin> thats a risk im willing to take
Shintoko Akahoshi > It means "pod me and then desecrate my corpse sexually with a raw carrot!"
Atandros > ooh la la!
Atandros > How deviant!
Atandros > *I* prefer my carrot cooked, thank you very much!
Shintoko Akahoshi > Cooked carrots are too limp :P
Atandros > But they're so much softer and easier to manipulate when inserted!
Atandros > (this conversation could really only be happening in JF corp chat.)
<Ehrys> I was rudely awoken by my phone ringing
<Ehrys> only for them to hang up, when i answered it
<Orkki> ehrys: just tell galazar to stop calling to hit on u
* Galazar was kicked by Arion (test ‹16›)
* Galazar has joined #eve-radio
<Arion> oops o.o
<Semajal> awww what was that for
<Galazar> ARION U FAG
<Arion> ment to do semajal XD
<Semajal> you cant kick me arion :D
<Arion> aww
<Arion> i cant
<Arion> =P
<Semajal> although
* Semajal sets mode: +b *!* <- IP arion was using.
<Semajal> now type /hop
<Arion> which i can sidestep
<Arion> =P
* Arion has left #eve-radio
<Semajal> wahay
<Semajal> one down
<Tara> lol
<biz> dont slap me biatch or I'll make you KOS
Hoozin > you okay Soldur? you seem a little confused
Soldur > sry man had to much tonight
Hoozin > rofl
Soldur > alredy lost 1 sphi
Hoozin > I was just wondering if you were gonna shoot so I could watch the ensuing CONCORDOKKEN
Soldur > wat u doin out here
Hoozin > now? I'm just sitting around for the conversation
Soldur > i mean in a shuttle
Hoozin > omw to go get different ship
Soldur > well u can stay and watch fix kill me
Soldur > if they come by
* Hoozin points to Soldur, "And remember kids, this is why drugs are bad mmkay?"
Soldur > lol
Hoozin > have fun Soldur
<DigitalCommunist> Holy shit, one of my legs is hairier than the other ;/
<Vex_> it's a serb disease, digi
<DigitalCommunist> it might not be
<DigitalCommunist> i was in a shark accident once
<@HellGremlin> What, do you favor one leg while ethnically cleansing? Maybe that's why it's less hairy, it spends more time stomping down corpses in mass graves so more will fit.
elFarto > great now all my modules are offline :(
elFarto > hmm, i have got a 280mm howi fitted...
elFarto > 2.8meters...that should do it
Stokbrood > errr
Stokbrood > 28cm
elFarto > yeah :/
@Estarriol ¦ beer
@dukath|work ¦ hope i got enough cash for a new pc now
@Estarriol ¦ screw pc
@Estarriol ¦ beer > pc
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