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<Kryztal> molle molle molle
<Kryztal> shes in
<Molle> i know
<Molle> i let her in
<Molle> ...
<Kryztal> <3<3 :D
<Mozzie> who?
<Molle> ask kryztal, i refuse
<Kryztal> haha
<Kryztal> molles fav cyno char
<Kryztal> Mi Sohorny
<cf'trashguy> he can ban your ip at Layer 3
<cf'ArachV0id> i wonder if bek sicced him at us
<cf'tacopizzaman> hey trash lol///whats layer 3?
<cf'trashguy> Layer 3 of the OSI Model
<cf'tacopizzaman> o ok is it part of irc ?
<cf'ArachV0id> na it's like
<cf'ArachV0id> she's wearing a bra
<cf'ArachV0id> and then above that a shirt
<cf'ArachV0id> and then a sweater
<cf'ArachV0id> so that's the third layer
<cf'tacopizzaman> lolllllllllllllll
<cf'trashguy> kinda reversed
<cf'ArachV0id> the griefgar can stop you from getting through layer 3
<cf'trashguy> the presentation layer would definatley be tits
<cf'ArachV0id> the sweater
<cf'tacopizzaman> lol exactly
<%cougem> this is excellent
Reese Erchault > both tainers are 3000m3 each
Reese Erchault > but they hold 3900
Siron BLack > that breaks the laws of physics
Reese Erchault > yeh lol
Reese Erchault > some sort of special reduction tech maybe
Siron BLack > this is madness
Reese Erchault > madness????????????????
Reese Erchault > THIS IS
Reese Erchault > ahhhh haven't done that in ages
Siron BLack > yea we should do it more often really
Reese Erchault > spartan spam FTW

Augin Soric > Ah, Alcohol, both the source and solution of all the world's problems.
Jarbis Leed > ..if we're all in a pod suspended in gooey plasma stuff...
Jarbis Leed > do we have a pipe going up our ass, or do we wear diapers?
Jarbis Leed > ...or does it all just float around in there?
Jarbis Leed > next time you pick up a corpse, reflect on what may or may not be stuck on its rear end before bringing it into your cargo.
Ehris Bok > Hot stuff, coming thru
Brutorthegreat > so do you normaly have fits for ships you dont fly?
Onyxalia La'fiette > yup
Onyxalia La'fiette > ships i fly, ships i dont, i fit every ship for shits n giggles and i do a damn good job at it as well
Brutorthegreat > lol cute
Onyxalia La'fiette > cute?!
Onyxalia La'fiette > ill give you cute!
Onyxalia La'fiette > /emote runs around with a chainsaw
Brutorthegreat > lol
fpx11 > my fingers and ass are sore from typing and sitting all day :)
Avenged37 > no your fingers and ass are sore from putting your fingers in your ass all day
Jany Gun > ew
fpx11 > :)
[talking about pubes]
<+cougem> i shave totally every so often but its a bit weird
<+cougem> but kinda fun
<+cougem> i feel like a paedo looking at myself in the mirror
HaulingAss > humm
HaulingAss > eve missing something ., dont ya feel it
Shadowglyph > has more than any other game avl, and hell this is the only pay to play game i have heard of that gives there expansions out for free
Shadowglyph > sure its not as massive as other games' expansions but they are still sugnifficant
HaulingAss > #e$^#^&ING PLANETS,, I CAN GO JUMP AROUND ON,, EAT THE &$&*&$ING DIRT,, SHIT IN THE WOOODS ,, jump back into my t3 ship head to the top[ of the planets just b4 you enter space ,, and ya jump ski diving back down to have 1 last good $%*&a...
HaulingAss > with betsy
HaulingAss > now thats a game
Shadowglyph > star trek online?
Shadowglyph > stil in development, but u can do that
HaulingAss > ya,, it a crock to right now
Shadowglyph > honestly the only new mmo that i'm excited about is the new star wars one, only cuz i like star wars =P
Shadowglyph > prolly wont even play it, but im still excited
HaulingAss > somebody at the testing games lab was told were all retards so i think there dumbing stuff up,, something to do with so many $*&$*ing fat people at mall mart,, hey check that site out ,, funny shit,,
Shadowglyph > lol
Shadowglyph > afk a few
HaulingAss > have ya seen it,, i love parking outside wallmart well my wife shops,, the &%$& fat asses ,, wow ,, 1 fell dowwn started rolling .. wallmart happy people ,, &lt; retards for short ya like i want some $*&$ing retard druling over my flyer ,
HaulingAss > so %*^% you mallmart
Gralg Merglen > i didn't realise that the patch added 'nutcases standing on streetcorners yelling random shit'
Miscus V > starts playing basketball
Revanic > uses baseball bat to hit miscus V and tells him to play more evil sport that you can use weapons in
Revanic > :D
Miscus V > switches to paintball
Revanic > swithes to pigeon shooting
Miscus V > switches to russian roulette
Miscus V > pushes the red button
Miscus V > nukes ftw
Revanic > sits back in station chair remembering that the shields are indestructable :)
Miscus V > deploys neut drones.... presses red button again
Revanic > then uses station defensesto flatten the planet miscus launched the nukes from
Revanic > kills nuet drones with massive uber nuet drone killing array
Miscus V > too bad the master chief made it to your ship first... end game
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