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Vel'kethor > Bow down to me, for I am your all powerful leader
stormwell > meh.....depends whether you has cookies
Cutter Isaacson > gallente tier 3 BS is uglier than a hunchback inbred after a multi car pile up
John Baum > in soviet russia....
Mattias Kerensky > idiots reproduce? :P
RadenCreed > I know. but the one who acted like this girl did think she was a vampire and sent her boyfriend to the hospital because she bit him so... wait i dont remember my point
Gurudar > what is a legion
H4Ng M4n > (legion)
HauptSin > damn nvm
Airborne Legoholic > A flying ass kicking
Airborne Legoholic > :P
Sir Sniper > does anybody else color sort thier gummybears before they eat them?
Urlosin Aship > nope handfuls only
Keekoo Faran > usually yes, grenns and reds last
Vas Havar > nope. just my M&M's
Rocky Deadshot > im in a corp run by ned and one of his personalities
Rocky Deadshot > my fellow corp mates are all ned
Screaming Blade > I like my women like i like my baby bakc ribs, rolled in juicy oils and on a nice white plate or bed :)
Screaming Blade > fat on that meat either
Screaming Blade > just deleicious sauce....
Tiberius Wenchel > Poor kitties? I wish I could afford to have my genitals removed. Or any kind of healthcare. I thought about asking the vet.
Trinia Vargan > I'm accepting all donations for my ISK collection
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