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[CRC]Conuion> Wait, what are we doing?
<Virtuozzo> you're fast this evening :/
<Virtuozzo> my thread got nerfed within 3 minutes
<OneiroMeph> *pew pew*
<OneiroMeph> What thread?
<[BH]Caleo> they're hungry, working hard to earn dinner
<Virtuozzo> good thing though, as I though it was within context, but actually rather way outside
<[CRC]Conuion> I blame Serathu by default
<Virtuozzo> you have to be BOB or vicitim of BOB to understand the reference though :P
<OneiroMeph> Errr
<[CRC]Conuion> I know the reference
<OneiroMeph> Who's Pink Thong?
<[CRC]Conuion> and I'm neither
<[CRC]Conuion> SamuraiJack
<OneiroMeph> The cartoon caracter?
<Virtuozzo> oh crap, it's spread outside those ranks?
<[CRC]Conuion> He promised that if ASCN lost the war, he would post a picture of himself in a pink Thong
<Virtuozzo> um no
<[CRC]Conuion> He was a CLS director iirc
<Virtuozzo> look up the bio of samuraijack in game
<Virtuozzo> he still has the link there I think
<OneiroMeph> I can't login
<Virtuozzo> otherwise ...
<OneiroMeph> Meph has taken over the PC
<OneiroMeph> I'm banished to use the laptop
<[CRC]Conuion> That's why you have your fancy new hybrid nick...
<Virtuozzo> lol
<Virtuozzo> "A merger of the third kind" :P
<OneiroMeph> Tbh, he looks quite hot in that thong
<Virtuozzo> ....
<OneiroMeph> Whaaaat?
<Virtuozzo> please
<Virtuozzo> bad visuals
<OneiroMeph> Oh well, I suppose you have to be a girl to understand the reference
<Virtuozzo> Sj in that pink thong nearly killed the whole war by leaving no survivors with intact eyesight
<Virtuozzo> heh
<OneiroMeph> Now now, don't make me post the second most awful black metal pic ever...
<Virtuozzo> ow come one, you know you want to
<OneiroMeph> Actually, no. It's really horrible
<OneiroMeph> But if you insist....
<Virtuozzo> I do insist
<Virtuozzo> if only to recover from another Sj Pink Thong Trauma
(After a number of Nightwish songs are played on EvERadio)
Foreman Janeau > it sounds worse than my mother singing
Amberly Coteaz > I made your mother 'sing' last night
Caldar Rhysk > Owned!!!
Dj Urri > so fucking owned
<Blackhorizon> fix is getting desperate, offering me isk for [06:34:49] ***** > POS layout and possibly up to date fleet movements and critical targets
<Gomez_Chou> BH, they're offering you isk for something they could easily get themselves?
<Gomez_Chou> pos layout takes a couple of button presses. up to date fleet movements just
<Levin> Gomez_Chou
<Levin> its fix
<Levin> they are on the ??? step of 1) defend querious 2) ??? and 3) profit
My corp mate was salvaging on our level IV missions, he suddenly goes afk for about three hours. He comes back and says:

Rodiznay > ohh my was sleeping........ think ill go to bed cya all
Gen Maximus > when i was in afghanistan the kids were everywhere. always askig nfor shit.
Gen Maximus > so some of the lads gave em satchels of sugar.
Gen Maximus > they loved it
Gen Maximus > then.. we ran out.. so one of my boys gave a kid a satchel of salt.
Gen Maximus > kid threw it into his mouth and nearly spewed
Gen Maximus > comedy gold i tell you.
MrTiddles > ROFL
MrTiddles > sooo mean
hippychick > oh taht is wo wrong
Gen Maximus > not as wrong as teachin thme ot speak english
MrTiddles > lol
MrTiddles > 'bet that was a good time
Gen Maximus > we had em saying ( toms.. a bloke in my section ) " uncle tomsy touched me "
hippychick > lol the wrods in there arsenal xxx rateed
Number 25 > and then yesterday we remembered we had a couple condoms left
Number 25 > heeheehee....that inspired much fun :)
little gurlygirl > yeah
little gurlygirl > i need to buy some more
little gurlygirl > you know you can order them off of
Number 25 > had been a while since she got to feel me inside her.....the whole time
Number 25 > hahaha....can you order them in bulk?
Number 25 > then i'd be happy :)
little gurlygirl > its like a 24 big pack
Number 25 > not big enough
little gurlygirl > just google bulk condoms or something
little gurlygirl >
little gurlygirl > 108 packs
Number 25 > might last me a little while
little gurlygirl > just gonna get the 24 pack cause i get random sex...not consistant use 2 or 3 condoms a day kinda thing
Number 25 > hey....i'm not windsurfing anymore....gotta keep in shape somehow
(5 seconds later)
Internet Knight > now jump
Theo Samaritan > In Soviet EVE, Jita Logs into YOU!
Augin - Fuck you Ruzo, haha
Ruzo - No, I won't fuck you
Ruzo - I'll rape you though
Augin - You can't rape the willing
(After watching an extensive convo about Aliens vs Predator, and their backgrounds, comics, etc etc etc)

Twin Turbo > lol i;ve got a friend who's a diehard alien / predator fan
Twin Turbo > hed be having such a nerdgasm if he were here
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