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[01:38] <Ak-Gara> yey for men
[01:38] <Ak-Gara> (ps not gay)
<Jadrut> damnit
<Jadrut> who gives retards the usage of omgrawr
<%DjNeWt> i love chinese
<%DjNeWt> cause i have duck
<Levin> its all horrible for you
<%DjNeWt> and my sister likes me alive
<%DjNeWt> them*
<%DjNeWt> lol
<Levin> ...
<Quantus> duck and peiking (sp)sauce
<Levin> *quoted*
<%DjNeWt> lol
<%DjNeWt> if i ever see that quote
<Quantus> mmm..
<%DjNeWt> i kill you
<%DjNeWt> and ban you
<%DjNeWt> and cut off your balls
<Julebruus> ^^
<Levin> thats a risk im willing to take
<Blixx> Ofcourse the blackbird could be fitted really wierdly with say All basic miners in the hi slots and civilian shield boosters in the mid slots and basic cargo expanders in the low slots :)
<Orkki> blixx: omg that setup roxor ;] better start telling the newbs to do that setup on theyre ships right away =)
BiONetworks > if laaq dies i want footage of it
Dr'Laaq > pervert
Omadon > lol
<biz> dont slap me biatch or I'll make you KOS
Brute Helmet > hey all
Pharuan > Hi Brute.
Brute Helmet > Anything happening ?
Pharuan > I'm gettting my panties changed.
Brute Helmet > oh good
Pharuan > Yeah
(latexmessiah) <Greme|Revision> can someone give me an emergency implant of knowledge ::: i dont think galazar his using his brain now or in the near future - so this will be a +0.33 implant if you want it :P
(Minsebstor) hehe
(Greme|Revision) :D
(%Urban_Mongral) heheh
(%Urban_Mongral) +0.33%
(%Jessie|56K) better than a - 3
(latexmessiah) i exagerated a little

(latexmessiah) tryin to make him feel good about himself :P
<Temistokles> try local, mabye there is a kind soul there o_O
<s73v3n2k> i 1.5bil atm so should be able to give you some if i am on
<Wrangler> you dont know if you're on?
<moocifer> TROLL
<Wrangler> no, moocifer, trolling would be if I was a player, since I have ops and all, I'm an excentric
<HellGremlin> Man.
<HellGremlin> That guy's the best.
<CommGuru> :D
<HellGremlin> I'm gonna show that article to any girl I snog in case I need to cut and run
<HellGremlin> "Are you sure you want to cuddle, bitch?"
<HellGremlin> "I cuddle with a claw hammer"
<SpaceDrake> That guy looks so awesome in that picture.
<HellGremlin> Yeah.
<HellGremlin> He's a badass.
<CommGuru> I'd rather drink a beer and watch some football
<NTRabbit> my computer doesnt cuddle
<SpaceDrake> "Do YOU want some claw hammer too, bitch?!?!"
<HellGremlin> The cop behind him is better.
<NTRabbit> so i dont have that problem
<HellGremlin> He's got like.
<HellGremlin> Chins.
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