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moveover > do ehsy dry to jump yhrn jump ouy sy yhr lsdy drvonf?
Leonstein > Doug has a pic of my ass cos i mooned him this weekend, gadz he's gonna post it i know it
Jaseara > I hope not!
Jaseara > I'm gonna complain to the huamn rights people in the UN if he does :)
Corynthus > Hehe
Shandri > yeah,. we shouldn't have to watch such a thing
Shandri > as leo ass
anais > escrow it to me!!
anais > i like to hold your stuff
Soren > for 65 mill? :P
anais > that sounded bad
Soren > lol
Soren > i may have to put that on.
Soren >
anais > haha
<@Omniwar> anyone have miner 2's for sale in bkg?
<@Omniwar> 4 of them
TarusBR > I need to sleep a little... Gamers do this once a week...
VeNtilEE > masturbate?
Khapeta > Sometimes
Jhodas > roflmaoomgpwnbbq
TarusBR > Sometimes?
Khapeta > heheheh
Jhodas > wots that quote site?
Jhodas > that has to go on there
TarusBR > lol
VeNtilEE > lol
<Maya_Rkell> and Steam servers are fucked
<Jadrut> yeah
<Jadrut> tbh it wasnt hard to see coming
<Maya_Rkell> nopr
<Maya_Rkell> e
<Maya_Rkell> so why didn't Valve?
<dmZzZzZz> they smoke weed
<Jadrut> your talking about the same company who used no security on a pc with the entire engines code on
<Maya_Rkell> hah
<Jadrut> and its lead by the guy who used his name as a pw and username on a forum
<Jadrut> i mean
<Jadrut> it doesnt exactly spell competance does it?
Captain Thrawn > 2004.12.06 02:49:23 combat Your Focused Medium Pulse Laser 1 perfectly strikes Centii Servant, wrecking for 149.2 damage.
Captain Thrawn > killed him in one shot
FPF AJTK > sweet
Razaekel > ?
FPF AJTK > instapop frigates
Razaekel > :-P
FPF AJTK > jus add tachyons
Feurian Krit > rarrr!
Decks > got it from a slaughter
Decks > lol RAWR!
Feurian Krit > what did you get?
Feurian Krit > a penis pump?
Decks > LOL
Feurian Krit > slammy told me you needed it, honest
Decks > omg!
Feurian Krit > rofl
Feurian Krit > whats everyone up to
Decks > killing cruisers
ccslammy > His wife tells it all when shes drunk
Feurian Krit > lmfao
Decks > ROFL!
ccslammy > :)
Feurian Krit > that's getting quoted
Decks > oh no, lol
Burning Chrome > what would u like me in, and what are u running :)
cartmer > we are both in rookie ships
cartmer > with extreme fire pwoer
cartmer > and 100 orges each :D
* YourMomma resists the dark side
<MrBlades> so not the dark side
<MrBlades> just murky grey
* YourMomma is on the pink side
* YourMomma stays there
<MrBlades> i like pink
<YourMomma> haha
<YourMomma> pink velvet?
<MrBlades> mmm
<MrBlades> oh yah
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