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[03:51:58] Kindakrof > if someone hasn't seen
[03:52:00] Kindakrof >
[03:52:06] Kindakrof > this is parm tryin to be sexeh
[03:52:34] Dust Angel > hes fucking emo
[03:52:51] Kindakrof > you all said i was emo
[03:53:01] Kindakrof > im more metro
[03:53:05] Toksin > Kindakrof, you emo fag.
[03:53:11] Toksin > <<
[03:53:14] Dust Angel > Kindakrof, your just a fag
[03:53:22] Tido Maliyu > lol
[03:53:28] Tido Maliyu > ./signed
[03:53:31] Toksin > Like Dust.
[03:53:40] 0Virtu0 > EMO ALERT
[03:53:58] Toksin > HIDE THE SHARP OBJECTS
[03:54:15] Tido Maliyu > lol
[03:54:16] 0Virtu0 > ^
[03:54:22] Kindakrof > :'(
[03:54:35] Kindakrof > you are fecking evil
[03:54:41] * Tido Maliyu cuts teh ends of the pinty edges of his crusader off
Blind Man > ParMizaN > iun shoudl rseally go donck before i do sloemthiong stupid and die
Zysco > i never understood how he goes out, comes back, and plays eve
Zysco > i mean, when i come back frm being out, im way too drunk to turn on my computer, let alone play
Mystiel Raleigh > Protip: If someone's posting drunk on the internet, chances are high that they're just pretending to be drunk so people will think they're cool
Blind Man > lol
Zysco > true but parm does it so much i cant believe someone would fake it that much
Mystiel Raleigh > Some people are lonely
Mystiel Raleigh > Especially emo people
Mystiel Raleigh > Especially emo people whose names start with a P and end in armizan
Sable Schroedinger > if this is the bit where you dress up like a fireman and strip, I'll pass on the RP for tonight ;-)
TECOR > which means no
Sable Schroedinger > actually it means, I'm making a gladiators leather "skirt" for want of a better word, and a little distracted for anything heavy
TECOR > ffs that really is the end:)
TECOR > and you say i'm wierd with the fireman thing fuck it:)
Sable Schroedinger > and I didn't say you were wierd for the fireman thing/ just that I wasn't in the mood ;-)
Sable Schroedinger > too much of a good thing, burns you out, ya know? like mining :P
Sable Schroedinger > what can I say. leather skirts are a turn off
TECOR > firemen don't wear leather skirts.....hmm unless i'm doing it wrong
TECOR > /emote runs to the costume shop to kick off
Jayalin > They have NOS drones?
Johnny Twoshoe > yep
Johnny Twoshoe > and neutralizer drones
QwaarJet > and Lapdancing drones
Remorse Reaper > And ice chick.. remember that I will always be the only guy for you ;)
Ice chick > well thats great remorse, but just to make sure, did you know I was a 15 year old guy before you wrote that ;/
D'an Y'eal > probably did :P
Faux > /emote prepares for a battle of wits.. and then notices his oppenant..
Rahn Altyr > /emote commits sepukku
Rahn Altyr > err sepuku
Rahn Altyr > damnit.... i came back in my clone!
Rahn Altyr > and i lost all my implants too
Rahn Altyr > shit!
Rhysh > well..have you got another clone at the station?
Rahn Altyr > just the default clone
<Orkki> btw brerlapin i totally pwn you in eve i am the eve ruler :P
<BrerLapin|OnOp> I think our BoD will have something to say about that ;D
<Orkki> let them come i shall pwn them with my sharp tempest spearlike ship...
<AceOfSpace> i wouldn't wanna mess with a tempest. he has a technical team, you know
<Orkki> my tempest can pwn anything in the galaxy
<Orkki> expect tomb's ego perhaps
<Orkki> but it would be a close fight
<AceOfSpace> actually i'm quite jealous ;/ i wish i'd specialised in minmatar ships and projectiles
<AceOfSpace> they just look fun to me is all
<AceOfSpace> and i like to be different
<Orkki> i practice my projectiles on da ladies =}
Xaeridan > I can see it now...Blood Ibis
Rod Pliskin > heh
Necricia > rofl
Atinra > Domination Minmatar Shuttle 4tw?
Necricia > :p that would be haw
Necricia > t
Xaeridan > lol
Atinra > or officer modified one with leather seats and built-in toilet
Necricia > lol
Atinra > scratch toilet....its fun to throw random shit at people near gates
Atinra > 'Oh heres a battleship! Bombs away!'
Drught > ew....
Atinra > yeah i know..nasty
Atinra > will bring to a need of a 's**t catcher' module.
Xaeridan > 'Sir, I have something incoming at fairly rapid speed on the appears to be....a....toilet?'
Mazer Kt'luthid > ya know... there's probably going to be an influx of BoB members soon
Palx > :/
Mazer Kt'luthid > though, Xhagen has probably been following Ifni around for years already
Palx > hehe
Mazer Kt'luthid > he's the guy who's always been inconspicuously behind him in either a thorax, arma or incursus
Palx > lool
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