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<NeoMorph> I cant figure out why I'm getting random picture breakups after demuxing the vid track. I got a feeling its the editor thats causing it
* Sassinak points and laughs at kayo
<NeoMorph> ooops... wrong channel
<NeoMorph> sorry
<Sassinak> BAN PLS
* NeoMorph blushes
* NeoMorph was kicked by nebulai (bannnnned! ;[)
Leonstein > Doug has a pic of my ass cos i mooned him this weekend, gadz he's gonna post it i know it
Jaseara > I hope not!
Jaseara > I'm gonna complain to the huamn rights people in the UN if he does :)
Corynthus > Hehe
Shandri > yeah,. we shouldn't have to watch such a thing
Shandri > as leo ass
anais > escrow it to me!!
anais > i like to hold your stuff
Soren > for 65 mill? :P
anais > that sounded bad
Soren > lol
Soren > i may have to put that on.
Soren >
anais > haha
Captain Thrawn > 2004.12.06 02:49:23 combat Your Focused Medium Pulse Laser 1 perfectly strikes Centii Servant, wrecking for 149.2 damage.
Captain Thrawn > killed him in one shot
FPF AJTK > sweet
Razaekel > ?
FPF AJTK > instapop frigates
Razaekel > :-P
FPF AJTK > jus add tachyons
[01:38] <Ak-Gara> yey for men
[01:38] <Ak-Gara> (ps not gay)
Burning Chrome > what would u like me in, and what are u running :)
cartmer > we are both in rookie ships
cartmer > with extreme fire pwoer
cartmer > and 100 orges each :D
<Blixx> Morning Diaego's Lap :)
<Diaego> hehe
<Diaego> he says morning
<Diaego> :p
<Blixx> Night? It's just past midnight so your call :)
<Diaego> well, afternoon here ;)
<Diaego> 1504 :p
<Blixx> In that case afternoon Diaego's lap :)
Cracken > wtb 8 reprogrammed demolisher rogue drones
Cracken > muwhahahha
<BobWango> bye bye all...its been interesting
<Galazar> cya wang
Shirer Aprenon > how far are you from your bs mate?
Sitek > havnt looked me still mining i think still long way to go
Shirer Aprenon > which one are you after?
Sitek > apoc is that right
Shirer Aprenon > sounds right :)
Sitek > still in the one lm lent me to use
Shirer Aprenon > it mines fast - 8 high slots? or 9
Asestorian > how can anything have 9 high slots?
Sitek > it has 8
Asestorian > you know of a secret ship then shirer? with 9 high slots? :P
Shirer Aprenon > so sorry o eve master
Asestorian > lol
Shirer Aprenon > for i have not had the honour of having anything more exciting than a brutix
Asestorian > thats right, bow to me!
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