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* DJ_Fizzle has quit IRC (Quit: You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life.)
Atandros > ooh interceptor
Atandros > UNF UNF UNF UNF.
Atandros > UNF UNF UNF UNF.
Mimiru > ...
* Atandros prints out that word and rubs it on his genitals
Atandros > NGGHHHH
Atandros > NGHHH
* Atandros wipes and breathes deeply. whew. you know, I really like interceptors a lot.
<|AFDT|Solwolf> Kurenin is in Xan? wowl
<[Xan]Hawk> ;)
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> kurenin r nub :(
<Dreadnought> yeah we figured we needed a nub
<[SSC]Ronyo> last night I was stupid
<|AFDT|mim> :'(
<[SSC]Ronyo> and flew right into the large smartbomb trap that I HAD HAD OUR GUYS SET UP
<[SSC]Ronyo> podded by [Xan]Zenst and [SSC]RisenStar
<Ap0k> DIE MIM
* Ap0k stabs mim
<|AFDT|mim> ohnoes
<|AFDT|mim> i have been thwarted by the mighty ap0k!
<Ap0k> shutup
<Ap0k> you're dead
<|AFDT|mim> my evil plans of cookies and marshmellows have been disrutped and shall never help me conqure 1.0 space!
<|AFDT|mim> the poor unlead carebears will never have chance to fall under my leadership and in a great revolution of flufflyness cast out the evil greifer from the world of eve!
<|AFDT|mim> oh woe unto thee, evil ap0k, woe!
* |AFDT|mim dies
<Ap0k> finally fs
* |AFDT|mim waits for his oscar
Silent Ronin: Life is the Hardest of teachers, it gives the test first , lesson later. Welcome to FA non-passholder here's ur free T-shirt. " I went to FA and all I got was this new clone"
<imp> Programming is like sex: One mistake and you support it a lifetime.
[Transcribed from TeamSpeak]

SeverusSnape > So, you know any ASP?
Alexandra Belani > A lil, I'm in the learning process
SeverusSnape > Drop it and learn PHP, it's so much better in every way. It's faster, it's supported on all platforms, it's supported on all platforms and oh yeah, it's supported on all platforms.
Alexandra Belani > But it has cooties!
<OmberZombie> woot, 21 people have looked at my crappy blog this month already
<@Stavros> and i
<@Stavros> am not one of them
<@Stavros> OWNED
<@Stavros> YES
<@Stavros> AHAHAHA
<OmberZombie> ok...
* OmberZombie bows to the master of pwnage that is stav
<@Stavros> arise sir pwnedalot
* OmberZombie is now known as SirPwnedAlot
<SirPwnedAlot> my liege
<+moocifer> cool ?? :S
<&Hammerhead> cooler than the other side of the pillow
<+moocifer> dribble ??
<&Red-coffee> I love cold pillows.
<&Hammerhead> not drooler
<&Red-coffee> wait. that wasn't testing related.
<+jamesbaker> omgkickyourself
<&Hammerhead> v Red-coffee is a channel admin
<&Hammerhead> :-/
* Red-coffee was kicked by Red-coffee (wheee)
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