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Wraeththu > wow, I got a named CPR.. that does.. nothing
Wraeththu > a whole .5 cpu
Cerryh > if you add 3000 of them to your ship you'll save 1500 cpu. that's quite a bit
Cerryh > well, just stick it in there somewhere
Cerryh > i'm sure it will work
Wraeththu > that's what the last girl said
Atandros > ^ Minmatar ship design philosophy
Homo Erectus > hi van danger
Van Danger > yo
Homo Erectus > would you like some slausage
Van Danger > lol im straight, thanks though
Homo Erectus > which one of you pa guys was trying to initiate cyber sex with me the other night
Homo Erectus > i was limp then but im poppin viagra like skittles today
Darth Maul > 0.o
EveJunkie > careful man, too many of those and your knob will explode
Homo Erectus > what? guys aren't supposed to have periods?
<Frankinator> [ 2004.10.15 00:16:17 ] Daniel Jackson > im a misle persojn
<Frankinator> [ 2004.10.15 00:16:30 ] Daniel Jackson > I DETEST turrents
<Jadrut> with zelota you need a translator, with him you need an enigma decoder
<Daniel_Jackson> WTF
<Daniel_Jackson> Connection Failed 'Proxy not connected'
<Daniel_Jackson> for the tranquility server
<[BH]Virrago> it's down thats why
<Daniel_Jackson> ?
<Tank> lol what a idiot
<Tank> ?
<Daniel_Jackson> its not its orginal downtime yet
<Tank> dont u understand that?
<[BH]Virrago> doesn't have to be regular DT
<Daniel_Jackson> then why did itgo down
<Tank> because london is being attacked
<[BH]Virrago> o.O
<Daniel_Jackson> london is being attacked?
<Tank> ya
<Daniel_Jackson> by whom
<Tank> didnt u hear it on the news man
<Daniel_Jackson> no
<Tank> by germany man
<Tank> WW3 is about to begin
<Daniel_Jackson> u sure
<Daniel_Jackson> what news channel
<Tank> msnbc
<^1man> we're all gonna die :(
<Daniel_Jackson> why would the attact lobdon
<^1man> umm
<Tank> Usa is doing a draft
<GeromeDoutrande> we want your fish & chips
<Daniel_Jackson> u sure it was msnbc
<Tank> Iceland is going to war with germany now
<Tank> they just said it
<Daniel_Jackson> all im hering is that british trops are getting recruted
<Daniel_Jackson> to help with iraq
<&RinnyWee> >_<
<Daniel_Jackson> to jill iraq
<Daniel_Jackson> or was it iran
<&RinnyWee> oh god make it stop i have coffee coming out of my nose
<^1man> hahaha
<Tank> lol
<Tank> because hes going to war and you dont even know anything
<Daniel_Jackson> its not saying any thing about iceland going to war with germeneory
<Tank> how old are u daniel?
<Daniel_Jackson> im watching msnbc
<Daniel_Jackson> im 15
<Tank> go ask ur parent daniel
<Tank> they will know about this
<Daniel_Jackson> my dad dont beleve u
<Tank> Germany attacked london
<Tank> Iceland is pissed off
<^1man> daniel, you bettr move to canada, beause i heard on the local news they dropped the age to be drafted to 13 :o
<Daniel_Jackson> hehe how can they draft me
<Tank> and America is going to intervene and stop all 3 of em
<Daniel_Jackson> they dont know were i live
<Daniel_Jackson> i have to be 18 to sign up
<&RinnyWee> they also know how much pr0n you dloaded yesterday so i'd clear out your cache man
<&RinnyWee> Daniel_Jackson
<&RinnyWee> when it's martial law
<Daniel_Jackson> i dont beleve yall
<&RinnyWee> they can enlist kids as young as 13
<Daniel_Jackson> i dont beleve yall
<&RinnyWee> it's true
<Daniel_Jackson> stop making things up
<Tank> na its 14
<^1man> you're southern... aren't you?
<&RinnyWee> ok
<Daniel_Jackson> no
<&RinnyWee> it's 14
<Daniel_Jackson> im north eastern?
<&RinnyWee> oh man you're in big trouble then
<Daniel_Jackson> Maryland
<Tank> haha
<&RinnyWee> so they're coming for you first
<&RinnyWee> >_<
<Daniel_Jackson> hehe yall are bullshiting
<&RinnyWee> not at all
<Tank> well
<Tank> hmmm
<Tank> no duh?
<&RinnyWee> okay maybe a bit, cause like
<&RinnyWee> there's some guys in kentucky
<^1man> when a bomb drops on you... you'll finally realise :/
<&RinnyWee> they want to get first
<Daniel_Jackson> hmm therr still talking abvout earg bush and karry
<&RinnyWee> but then it's you
<Daniel_Jackson> on cspan
<Tank> daniel
<&RinnyWee> well
<&RinnyWee> that's because they dont want to start a panic
<Tank> its no cspan
<Tank> its on nbc
<&RinnyWee> the whitehouse spin doctors are working on a press release atm
<&RinnyWee> you'll see something soon
<^1man> o/
<&RinnyWee> right i'm off to dig a hole. living in france means i have to, by law, hide for the duration - even if i am not french.
<^1man> :o
<^1man> i want to go to france :/
<Jadrut> yeah
<[BH]Virrago> LMAO Rinny
<Jadrut> and you gotta take the mandatory white hankerchief
<Jadrut> just in case
<^1man> :o
<^1man> kinky
<[BH]Virrago> haha
<^1man> sounds like something french would do
<Jadrut> uh yeah that too
(&RinnyWee) so i am out in 0.0 with my corp doing some stuff
(&RinnyWee) and i'm like
(&RinnyWee) oh man i need to wee
(&RinnyWee) and get coffee
(&RinnyWee) and have a smoke
(&RinnyWee) so i safespot and off i go
(&RinnyWee) i'm standing out on the balcony having a smoke
(&RinnyWee) and i can see my comp through the doors
(&RinnyWee) and i notice
(&RinnyWee) there's something moving on the screen near my ship
(&RinnyWee) so i'm like oh fuck
(Greme) :O
(&RinnyWee) so i run in
(&RinnyWee) but it's all slippery on the balcony
(&RinnyWee) and i slip and fall on my arse
(&RinnyWee) which is fine
(&RinnyWee) and then i get in and check the screen
(Alacrity) uhoh
(&RinnyWee) and it's just the fucking cursor
(Just_Smith) :)
(&daddy) lol
(&RinnyWee) cause my cat is playing with the mouse cord
Ly'sol > Personally Im tend to hate anything bigger and stronger than me. Hince I lost approx. 27 ibises, 12 condors, 5 crows, 1 raptor, 1 merlin, 1 crow, and a badger due to me attacking a Lai Dai space station.
<+SAPage> EVE forums remind me a lot in the ingame chat of a counter-strike server
Laycosya > damn jus found a scorpion in my apartment
Touron > cool can u fly it :)
Malfunctionv2 > battleship?
SeverusSnape > can you fly it?
Malfunctionv2 > :p
Laycosya > no its dead now
Malfunctionv2 > :(
RinnyWee> patrick stewart is hot
<RinnyWee> i saw him in a play
<RinnyWee> in london
<RinnyWee> front row
<RinnyWee> omgwtftrekbbqmmmsexmmmwarpspeed
<Cro_Magnus> lol
<RinnyWee> he can also ENGAGE with me anyday
<RinnyWee> etc
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