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kinkouin168 : you play eve
kinkouin168 : either you're super lucky and got married previously or you're forever alone
Lord Maldoror > there's nothing wrong with being lame, anyway. One of my favourite memories is watching a Discovery documentary in an animal shelter, after playing a long game of CS.
Lord Maldoror > The po-faced vet turned to the presenter and said "This dog is lame". And as I looked at the wide-eyed puppy, and imagined him hunched up, camping with a sniper rifle in a corner, well..
Lord Maldoror > it still gets me even today.
looney_ed : afk .. drooling at the door until pizza arrives
Pere Madeleine > don't click this:
Pere Madeleine >
Pere Madeleine > it's a penis
Dirty Protagonist > ok
Arasul > hmmm
´╗┐ masty > can we confirm this?
Dirty Protagonist > someone click it?
Arasul > HANG ON
Arasul > IMMA DO IT
masty > already fapped to it
Tuskajuna > it's hanging
Dirty Protagonist > safe
Crefakis > its ok
Crefakis > it isnt erect
Dirty Protagonist > pretty boring penis
Tuskajuna > first time i see one
masty > mull of kintyre penis
Pere Madeleine > I didn't say it was an exciting penis
Arasul > isnt there usually white stuff coming out of the end
Tuskajuna >
Arasul > fuck....
masty > only when my mouth touches them
Tuskajuna > when your moustache touches them
Pere Madeleine > this is what I love about FMH
Pere Madeleine > silence for hours
Pere Madeleine > then penis
roigon > interesting way to practice exhibitionism
Pere Madeleine > and instantly conversation
Dirty Protagonist > uh huh
Dirty Protagonist > we're doing work
Tuskajuna > important work
Pere Madeleine > penis work?
Crefakis > best work
Tuskajuna > work of art
masty > modern art
masty > cock
Ueberlisk > now thats some twisted shit
Nashok Mindrie [pxin]: I am King, I am Lord and I am Savior. I've just completed a task that would have fell any lesser mortal. I unfucked the Tupperware shelves
Aznwithboobs > man life is boring
Deliora May > what the fucking hell?
Deliora May > An Aznwithboobs?
Aznwithboobs > i got bored.
Aznwithboobs > someone gimme isk so i can buy/kill things
Dewgong > what
Dewgong > >_>
Dewgong > does your wife know you're cheating on her with this?
Aznwithboobs > lol
Aznwithboobs > shes at the baby shower, bwahahahaha
Dewgong > oh god
Cecil Arongo : Caldari don't have a dread, they have an expensive fireworks launcher
grunny > Thors hammer has alot of crushing to do
Kinvaryn > thats my pickup line
Kinvaryn > except i say mjolnir
Kinvaryn > and they're like whats a mjolnir
Kinvaryn > and *ziiip*
Kinvaryn > "it makes thunder if you stroke it the right way"
´╗┐Lomong > Since thunder is the sound of an electric discharge in the atmosphere, that implies you're using an electric strapon to compensate for your... lack......
grunny > ^ electric burn
Kinvaryn > xgongivitoyuh hegongivitoyuh
Thufir Bezluden > no, you really don't want to put your tongue in the mixers until they are off
Diana Kim > shit pype?
Diana Kim > i mean, ship type?
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