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Sulzer Wartzilla > but can OUR renters shoot THEIR renters?
Sulzer Wartzilla > this is getting too meta for me
Draconic Slayer > so
Draconic Slayer > this is like what monkeys do
Draconic Slayer > they piss on each other to assert dominance
Draconic Slayer > and we just did that to you
Draconic Slayer > right?
ErrorRon > confirming we are monkeys
Kondorssonsson > soft orca, warm orca, little ball of trit', happy orca, sleepy orca, pew pew pew
<Ulviirala> Ohai! Burning things, Batolemaeus? Well... Charon :)
<Ulviirala> You think it's cold in space, Batolemaeus? Well, better Thanatos into the sun. :)
<Ulviirala> now my cargo overflowed with veldspar -.-
<Ulviirala> and it's your fault, because I made up puns for you
<Batolemaeus> that's what you get
<Ulviirala> you could at least apologise
<Ulviirala> do you know what an Erebus is, Batolemaeus?
<Ulviirala> besser als nyx :)
<Batolemaeus> X-(
<Ulviirala> if Gallente had any respect for nordic mythology, they would have named their cruiser Thorhammer
<Ulviirala> I'm surprising myself tbh xD
<Ulviirala> I heard that the Gallente Federation got the rights for a sequel to the 1982 movie Tron... guess what it's called, Batolemaeus :P
<Batolemaeus> Hyperitron of course
<Batolemaeus> it's the next tier
<Ulviirala> don't ruin my pun :P
<Ulviirala> no.ata.....god damnit, I canceled my video playback... note that I DONT'T FEEL RESPONSIBLE FOR..... damn caps lock, for anything, because I'm seriously inebriated
Llywen ap Gruffud > Well there are plenty of "rules of thumb" to follow, but. A rule that will always apply to you is that golden. The next is to never trust anybody. You'll get to the point in EvE that you wont even trust your alts.
Tes Vevec > wasnt really a battle
Omdan Khurelem > It went about as well as you would imagine. bunch of high sec carebears were herded into a meat grinder and then the Goons turned up
Xandrox DeMarryan > nah, you can always trust me =)
Englebart Sabezan > wow not even trustying your alts... i hope i never sink that deep
Tes Vevec > ur aly might be a SPIE
Tes Vevec > then u forget which is the alt and which is the main
Llywen ap Gruffud > I sent myself a message the other day from an alt as a reminder to inject him with a bit of Isk, and when I looked at it. I was like: "Who the hell is this guy and what does he want from me?"
Englebart Sabezan > haha
Akka Zateki > haha
Xandrox DeMarryan > vevec, you apparently use an anglo american keyboard =)
Llywen ap Gruffud > Then I started trying to track him down, and after I realised that he was never online when I was, I finally recognized the name. Lol
Tristan Acoma [prax] (d.rfc): but go with:
( •_•) For re-using tea bags he'll be facing some...
( •_•)>⌐■-■ 
(⌐■_■) Steep fines.
Herzog Wolfhammer > See what happens when we ignore too many stress test calls? They call a live event
Arista Shahni > There once was a woman named Sue
Arista Shahni > who filled her vagina with glue
Arista Shahni > she said with a grin
Arista Shahni > "If they pay to get in?
Arista Shahni > They'll pay to get out of it too."
neotin_nahrain[prax]: Pffffft , finished listening to nova's SOTA , the sound cloud automatically switched to next clip. And it was apparently legion of xxx getting bombed with some super tackled on grid. I panicked ... then i realized my mumble wasn't on :)
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