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Kesper North: Fuck Asimov and the horse he rode in on.
Kesper North: Fuck him, John Snow.
Kesper North: And his three laws of robotics are hilarious.
Kesper North: WTB three laws of drone rules of engagement, amirite.
Avio Yaken > all crew mates hate us Capsuleers, all we do is get into bullshit fights and risk their lifes
Avio Yaken > for all i know, they shit in my reactor everytime i undock
<@Grobtak|Home> Hmm.... Monday.. Means The Hoff is on TV tonight! ;)
<@wizzard66> on my tv, the hoff is available 24/7
<@wizzard66> burned into my plasma
<@wizzard66> even when its turned off, i see his excellent features
<@Midori> do you have a tatoo of him?
<@Midori> or a shrine somewhere in your house
<@wizzard66> dont be silly
<@Midori> or a folder of pictures of him and denise richards having sex
<@Grobtak|Home> :D
<@wizzard66> its not that its an obsession
@wizzard66 hides his bedlinnen with hoff 3d, curtains with denise richards naked, toiletpaper signed by hoff, his kit car build out of an old fiat with a red striped light, his kit-watch he talks into and his denise richards signed photo, odly smelly and stained after years of use
Danila Vagilov > I had a point
Danila Vagilov > but
Danila Vagilov > it's too short :c
Watarigarasu Kawamura > It'll grow as your mature :p
Shalazan (SMA): So your saying al qaeda won the ISK war?
Piotr Verenikin: LOL I'm pretty sure they've won the ISK war, but that doesn't really help much when they lost all their sov
Nikki love: they are like TEST
<Lokitoki81> whoa, a swedish journalist was killed in Kabul today, close range shot to the head
<NeltharakIdrissil> didnt keep transversal
Dansan Dusaka > ok im 'near' crynosos
Getix Kain > if he farts loudly, open fire.
Crynsos Cealion > Fart: Increases Signature Radius by 1000%
Veron Zenith > one embarrasing thing is farting while you're on the bog. acts like a megaphone
Par'Gellen > or in one of those old school desks with the book hole under the chair. I found that out the hard way when i was in high school :D like blowing on a tuba
Getix Kain > Crynsos
Getix Kain > +(mobile phone number)
Getix Kain > just make it ring if you don't see me online
Getix Kain > i won't answer, i promise
Getix Kain > and Del
Getix Kain > try to do any kind of tricks on my phone and I will search you, sacrifice your soul to the Dark Gods and torture you until it becomes a pleasure for both of us.
Crynsos Cealion > >_>
Getix Kain > i just wanted to convey a strong message
Getix Kain > <_<
Jethro Stonehedge > any minnors out there?
n33k4 > Jethro Stonehedge HI i am a 13 year old girl from California. how may i assist you ?
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