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Lewis Stansfield > ISD Buldath Complaints go to tickets.. where does positive feedback go? Tickets again, or...?
ISD Buldath > Lewis Stansfield Positive... Feed... Back?
Sicarius Dethahal > ISD Buldath lol
Uthor Loric > ISD Buldath lol
ISD Buldath > Oh! Uhm... Tickets, I guess? OR forums, or osmething...
Lewis Stansfield > ISD Buldath Unless I'm still drunk, yes. That thing that's the opposite of complaining
Faustus Kraemar > Damn. The stasis webifier and warp scrambler I put in the chimney for Santa didn't get him :/
Bail Chanis > Anyone unemployed and looking for a new experience?
Katrina Oniseki > Are you looking for new recruits, or a desperate prostitute?
Dudets Arkaral > then put your cursor over the bomb. it will show you the explosion radius. of course the closer he is to the center the more damage he will take
auro ra > uh
auro ra > hey
auro ra > that's huge
auro ra > *waits for the pun
Dudets Arkaral > lol thats what you said earlier babe
Slan Evengod > Lol yeah, I usually consider anytime just after I wake up morning xD
Rhea Fang > What's a 'morning'?
Lychaon Blacksummers > that horrible period between passing out and getting drunk again
Rhea Fang > Clearly you have yet to discover the fine art of a 'rum IV drip"
Slan Evengod > xD
Rhea Fang > Thereby ensuring that the state of drunkenness never ends
Rhea Fang > As nature intended
Synthetic Cultist > apparently, there's also a thing, whereby people pay to watch attractive ladies (both clothed and nude) sit on sponge cakes, of various types.
Jinari Otsito > You say that as if that's a weird thing.
Theo Samaritan > Can you fuckers wave your epeens a little more, I'm overheating and could do with the breeze.
Wrayeth > TBH, the other great thing about this ship is that I cross-trained Caldari on Korv so I can be one of those dual-boxing dicks with a falcon-shaped condom.
Wrayeth > Yeah. It would be soooo fucking awesome...except they fucked the web bonus. Yay!
Wrayeth > They'd originally listed a tracking bonus on the bastion module that would've compensated...then removed it almost immediately.
Wrayeth > I was horribly disappointed.
Minerva IV > yeh
Wrayeth > Now it's just got range bonuses, as if people will be using billion-isk marauders in fleet warfare or something.
Wrayeth > Just...WTF.
Minerva IV > im sure someone will try but i know how it will end :P
Wrayeth > Expensively?
Minerva IV > very :P
Minerva IV > oh look a warp in on 100 bastioned marauders, someone brought a salvager right?
Wrayeth> Dammit, I knew I forgot something!
Lord Maldoror > "We now observe the tempestuous Linkeleo creature in its natural habitat, as it devours this ant like Ferox. What you are witnessing is a rare sight on planet Earth, especially in the morning".
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