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starfrog > fingers off my drones!!
Clara Mismer > space must be a truelly lonely place if someone is fingering drones
<Molle> lkhjsdlkfhowihsdjföas
<Molle> feed me cofe
Atreides Horza > It saddens me to see a carrier used like that. Like watching Stevie Wonder on a racing bike trying to win the Tour de France...
Char0n > And then before I know it I'm bending over in front of some woodchucher named Hans, screaming on the top of my lungs while he's shouting "Bam, right in the kisser!"
Von Krukov > it was the largest battle up to that point and only the 3rd battle in history to use steel hulled ships
Von Krukov > the sino-japanese war was the first to use the newer ships
Von Krukov > i mean russo-japanese war
Dantes Wolf > i gotta work on my history - its good stuff, and safe, as its in the past, wont be the first guy starting to poke into it for those reasons
Von Krukov > lol heres the battle report:
Von Krukov > Casualties and losses
6,094 killed
674 wounded
177 captured

3 battlecruisers
3 armoured cruisers
8 destroyers
(113,300 tons sunk)[2] 2,551 killed
507 wounded

1 pre-dreadnought
1 battlecruiser
4 light cruisers<...
Von Krukov > check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Jutland
Dantes Wolf > shit, thought that was a goon loadout xD
<wizzard66> i need something neeked
<wizzard66> i dotn car if its female male or animal
<wizzard66> i just need lovee
<wizzard66> im so cold
<JamesS> they have 12 step programs for peoples like you :)
<wizzard66> 12 steps towards the chair of voltage?
Test Ctrl > wait, we had a HAC
Test Ctrl > wow
Test Ctrl > we could have killed them
Jacob Etienne > huh?
Jacob Etienne > its a fucking omen, test
Krychton > we do?
Jacob Etienne > not a zealot
Test Ctrl > o
Test Ctrl > nvm
yoni > Jita has bad lag because of all the tourism... the weather here is just too good
zurvan > Jita is French for "Single most concentrated mass of Raven"
jarack > roflmao
Esna Pitoojee > my corpmate just made me laugh so hard.
dibblebill > ?
Esna Pitoojee > so, we just got an alliance mail about someone explaining how to beat the drake blobs we see a lot. My corpmate reads it and posts in corp chat:
Esna Pitoojee > Rin Kaelestria > *reads newest alliance mail* puts on Indana Jones style hat* ... drakes. Why does it always have to be drakes?
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