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<Crucifier> ra have never exploited
Shamis Orzoz > carebearing is ok, as long as you are going to put the money toward griefing
SomeoneNotToMessWith > good thing i'm color blind... or at least that's what i claim when i shoot a blue >.>
cheephough > Holy jumping fucking shitballs!!!!
Sinmau > you eat with that mouth :-)
cheephough > When I'm not blowing people for isk... yes
Mallard Yibrotten > just drink and smoke :-)
ssgt slaughter > ah well ah
cheephough > cheese - check
cheephough > spicy chicken strips - check
cheephough > coke - check
cheephough > cosplay chick pics - check
Fukada > lucian in a thong. check
cheephough > ok, lets roll
etheris > Everyone in eves an effing Vietnam vet who could have done everything better. Everyone in WoW is some punkass kid who ZOMG PWNS YOU
Murakami > humm I think Im strictly male with girlish dunno tendancys
Fi0nA > yous pend a lto of time in tenhe mirro?
Fi0nA > hmm yup tylenol sid ef kicking in
Murakami > lol
Fi0nA > aw shit brian is going'
Fi0nA > brain
Fi0nA > ROFL
Fi0nA > drugs are bad kids
Murakami > I have to say none but I use alcahol as a miricle drug so
Fi0nA > lol
Fi0nA > imma have to view the log wheren we're sober
Murakami > lo save it m8
Murakami > *lol
Fi0nA > haha
Fi0nA > frame it
Fi0nA > as s agin to kids not to get fdrunk on saturdays
ExcellciuM > handguns etc are banned, shotguns etc need a licence
Elmo Zumwalt > i have over 40 guns but i dont need a license
steveid > you can buy a gun for £100 pretty much anywhere if you want one tbh. It just stops lunatics having a room full of them.
Elmo Zumwalt > ♥ America
steveid > ^^ like him
Real Poison > fleet will be forming 5 mnutes ago, so everyone travel back in time and get in fleet
Deadflip 2 > How do i turn the brightness up on my comp?
Tyriell > Change the 60 for a 100 watt bulb?
Deadflip 2 > what? in my monitor?
Lady Zirconia > woah
Lady Zirconia > hold off
Lady Zirconia > im joinin you guys
Gizis > NBSI :)
Verone > you're fair game until you're wearing a veto tag
Lady Zirconia > hehe
Lady Zirconia > fair enough
Lady Zirconia > so avenod you said was an office?
Verone > yep
Verone > go apply :)
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