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Cutter Isaacson > Yo mamma's so fat they added an extra graphics option 'sun is occluded by yo mamma'
<Pallantre> and, like eric idle said,
<Pallantre> god will make you pay for each sperm that can't be found
<Pallantre> well,
<HellGremlin> That's pretty fucked up.
<HellGremlin> I'm jerking off in churches from now on.
Lallara Zhuul > and imagine what would happen to your tender RP sensibilities if there would be thousands of goons running around giving everybody surprise buttsecks
EP Aporat > FFA2 will be cleaned for drones now. Please leave if you dont want to get hit by the super weapon.
Elias Bosk > aport, gimme 15 seconds
EP Aporat > 30 secs from now.
Entilzah Valen > crap
Entilzah Valen > I'm in warp
EP Aporat > 10 secs
Entilzah Valen > oh crap
EP Aporat > last chance to leave
Entilzah Valen > oh crap
keng 3 > wait
Mundla > is it done?
Apocalyptical > yes i escaped
Martinsen > 2006.05.28 09:35:12 combat EP Aporat [EVENT]<ISD> hits you, doing 20103.5 damage.
Orian Forbin > WTB PLEX BPO or copy...
katakos > man the lasers on my drake own
Justin Cody > /emote cracks open a v-8
Scevvin > pfff
Scevvin > might as well crack open a can of gay
Justin Cody > that is next
Scevvin > atta boy
Trankill >
| un ou deu miyar |
| isk |
| Sivouplé |
Trankill >
| For Living |
| one or two billion |
| isk |
| please |
Marduke MekLodar > Well thats a new way of begging.
DarkArc > I wouldn't mind another billion or two isk...?
DarkArc > haha
Jacobian > lol thats pretty clever
Jarrod0987 > if he sais 1 mil he oroly would have got the bil lol
Marduke MekLodar > Sorry, I gave all my small change to to previious guy at the traffic light
Trankill > raaaaaaaah damn traffic light guy
Michael Snark > lol
Zero Fate > and i appreciate it
GQ Fing > you doing?
Ryo Jang > doing good thanks
GQ Fing > Do you know ryo jang?
gigX > I didn`t drink caffe with him but I see him in system
gigX > :)
GQ Fing > If I use my crows plunder, he will attack me?
Ryo Jang > yarr, maybe
GQ Fing > want to plunder I will not go (systemname) harassment you
Ryo Jang > (systemname) is ours now
GQ Fing > If the people who came here, I would go to (systemname) , I was told you
GQ Fing > I know (systemname) now is your However, I am now here to be plundered
Ryo Jang > roger that, i will plunder you
GQ Fing > ?
GQ Fing > Do not understand
Ryo Jang > ok
GQ Fing > In fact, I was still very scared of you
Ryo Jang > yarr, off with ye head
GQ Fing > If if you are not in the system so I can enjoy the plundering
GQ Fing > I, of course, in the 10:00 time, I will give you 10 million isk
Ryo Jang > ok, sweet, thx
GQ Fing > However, you will have to go to (systemname)
GQ Fing > How kind, are 10 million daily ah
Ryo Jang > i will leave you alone for 10mil daily
GQ Fing > ok
Chakrai > Maggie Thatcher slept for four hours a day, commissioned day-long bomber roams to support her capital fleet in a sov battle and was the gold standard at griefing miners.
Chakrai > Perfect alliance leader tbh.
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