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Drexeh > I am chasing this domi
Drexeh > in a scorp with 7 points
Drexeh > lol
Noobjuice > i doubt that's enough :D
Drexeh > against a domi?
Drexeh > how many lows does it have?
Drexeh > aw shit :S
Drexeh > ffs
anister > lol
Drexeh > I HATE LIFE
Rooker > one of these days when I'm bored I'll fit a 1600 plate on this brutix and MWD somebody off their rock :D
Michelle Deathmind > Rooker - a good hit from a heavy brute can send a exhumer a good 20k out. :P
Michelle Deathmind > It's awesome to watch. You see this gigantic BC come careening through the belt, stop suddenly, and then you see the lasers of the exhumer going bonkers as the barge just goes weeeeeeeeeeeee....
Novus Morningstar > Where should I go for jobs after the tutorial?
jimbojonesowns > mc donalds
Viqer Fell > hey vicarrah
Viqer Fell > good to see you bick inlopne
Viqer Fell > inlone
Fojar > how come u can spell that
Viqer Fell > onlone
Viqer Fell > ONLINE
Viqer Fell > ha
TECOR > jeez Viqer how much have you had man;)
Viqer Fell > i im recked
Viqer Fell > free boozer
TECOR > is that recked with a W)
Viqer Fell > rite i am foffing to bed, i am back at wiorjffd sdoomn
Fojar > mmm sdoomn
TECOR > rofl
Viqer Fell > xeee u all on thursday fo r teh d aweekend
TECOR > sdoomn rocks man:)
Robke > It is thursday!
Fojar > bwyaeee
Robke > night night viqer
Viqer Fell > fuck off im its wneddn esady
TECOR > sseee s ya Viger
Fojar > it's thurs u monkey
Ffaide > hehe
Ffaide > someones been drinking, or their dead tired
Fojar > (and dumb)
Viqer Fell > right well im in cjaharge anywatsstyy xso se see y9iou monkeyday
<awox> how many times you log off in combat today xRazoRx?
<xRazoRx> none
<xRazoRx> i wasnt in combat today
<awox> :D
<awox> lol
<awox> there's a guy called ONCE_UPON_A_TIME in this game
<awox> and he always says ONCE UPON A TIME at the end of the game
<xRazoRx> :0
<xRazoRx> once upon a time
<xRazoRx> there lived awox
<xRazoRx> and he called every russian a logoffing ebaying bitch
<xRazoRx> so they never loved him and he was podded first when his gang met a russian one
<xRazoRx> the end.
<awox> :(
<awox> it's sad because it's true mostly
<awox> such injustice
<KomradeVirtunov> Digi, can you ban TrashGUY for me
*** DigitalCommunist sets channel #eve-online mode +b *!*@coldfront-AA09FF6F.chi01.dsl-w.verizon.net
*** KomradeVirtunov was kicked from #eve-online by DigitalCommunist (DigitalCommunist)
<@DigitalCommunist> <KomradeVirtunov> Why did you kickban me and not TrashGUY. That's like banning Angelina Jolie for being a whore and not banning Paris Hilton :/
Celilmandir > hm guys
Celilmandir > next time you go mining
Celilmandir > lemme know if it's me who's crazy or not
Celilmandir > i swear it says 'the ass droid is depleted'
Gerhart Raclaw > The actual voice?
Gerhart Raclaw > Or the text?
Celilmandir > the voice
Gerhart Raclaw > It definitly says that.
Gerhart Raclaw > Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.
Celilmandir > 'these are not the ass droids you are looking for'
Azure Fury > ...wow
Celilmandir > *hand wave*
Celilmandir > must be some kind of high tech futuristic dildo or something
Tolin Dorden > ah well think I'll get my ass down to the shop for wsome ciggys.... nowt to do till tai's built my new raven anyway
Jenina Hawke > Tai's your builder? Kewl
Charles Burger > made by tai wan? is it gonna be really small?
Tolin Dorden > no it's just cheap and got a stamp in it's ass
Jenina Hawke > What's a small Raven? En spurv?
Charles Burger > small raven is a caracal of course :)
Jenina Hawke > Is a Caracel a type of Sparrow? :)
Tolin Dorden > no but a kessie's a baby raven
Tolin Dorden > caracal's a teen raven
Tolin Dorden > cerberus is a teen raven with pms
Charles Burger > manticore is an early developinig raven
Holy One > lo
Apocolypse Acorn > hello
Apocolypse Acorn > you have a bounty on your head
Holy One > yes
Holy One > i prefer snickers tho
Arachidamia > There is a fifth dimension, beyond that known to man. It is the middle ground between light and shadow. It is an area which we Matari call falloff.
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