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Morris 159 > eyes n-dq?
kortez2 > a whole bunch of them morris
kortez2 > eyes that is. no hostiles
Morris 159 > you scared me there for a sec
kortez2 > well its almost halloween
Magdalena'Graaf > hostile BS at UER gate
Serkis > why dont you kill it?
Magdalena'Graaf > because my kestrel had difficulties firing 175km
<Sokhar> why don't you two just fuck and get it over with
<jamesw> im saving myself for you sokhar
<jamesw> NTR is just not enough man for me
<Sokhar> heh
<Sokhar> awesome answer
* Sprak slaps dmZ around a bit with a large trout
<Sprak> back to your bagette
<dmZ> my baguette is here and needs some attention!
<The_Vince> with garlic sause
<dmZ> you want some of my garlic sauce ?
<dmZ> i'd be happy to feed you with it!
<The_Vince> lol
<Sprak> lol
<bUBbLeS> dmz fed sprak and vince some of his "speshul garlic sause" from his "bagette" ?
<bUBbLeS> you guys need to get a room for your 3 way bukake action
Nacim Izcrius > Got an issue? Grab an F12 tissue! Submit a petition today!
Cyshade > meb
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > yeah?
Cyshade > its not optional =P
Mebrithiel Ju'wien > Neither's my gf ^_^;;
Cyshade > yes but your gf isnt going to pod you =P
( @RinnyWee ) I'm a single woman and I liked brokeback... tbh tho I was checking out michele williams but whatever
MasterSirith > omg !!!
MasterSirith > flying potato !
PieOmega > thanks
PieOmega > actually it's been called worse
fishyfishyfishyfishy > someone in a domi?
MasterSirith > yeah

Nexus Kinnon > Damsel in Distress
Eurinho > damsel is easy
KarlosTG > but truth is, i didnt know how to do damsel first time
Arcane Fox > usually theres a hole
hideway > I'm a gang leader, I feel so leet
Mr Dougle > how many in gang?
hideway > two
Mr Dougle > hahaha
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