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<biosourcy> hhaha chicks looks awesoem when they masturbate... its like a dj doing her set hahhaa
* acacia hands Kryztal a soft rubbery toy with batteries
<Kryztal> pink ?
<acacia> ofc
<biosourcy> lamo
<Throdax|Work> LMAO abs
<Kryztal> woot !
<acacia> rolf abs
Bodb Derg > I swear if it was legal I'd marry the Incursus
Sarmaul > she could do with putting on a couple of pounds
Montero > yea tell here to eat sopmething :
Sarmaul > if I wanted to fuck a skeleton I would go grave digging
GM Pirin > the Civlian weapons use love and understanding for their ammo which is why they have the destructive power and range of a hug.
<Cia> and the server is up
<SilverNight> Jesus, already?
<Cia> thousands of eve players around the world will go unfed and unshowered today thanks to CCP's speedy maintenance cycle
Vendrin > I swear to God, if you keep fighting, I will pull this fleet over and leave you at the nearest planet
Fatwatai > Dude,...
Fatwatai > Note.
Fatwatai > That thing is being tanked...
Fatwatai > BY A HEAVY DRONE. With Logi support.
Jhaelin Anarise > Motherfucker killed my drone.
Jhaelin Anarise > Hmm. Maybe not
Fatwatai > Heavy Drone.
Fatwatai > Tanked a battleship.
Fatwatai > You win at EVE now.
Vizagrim > I'm sorry... BUT.... LMMFAO
Jhaelin Anarise > But it's not responding to my commands. Hmm.
Stelios Alexis > You win a free internet. Don't spend it all in one place.
Fatwatai > It can't hear the commands over the sounds of how awesome it is.
NGTM1R > God's in his heaven because he's scared we'll hotdrop him if he undocks.
Donald Trump > wait, why do huzzah need a killboard?
Kehmor > to post their losses
Project L > ah crap, i got Elena Gazky's DNA all over my cockpit
Usagi Tsukino > That's why you should wear a condom.
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