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Giinaa > I should shave my bikini line before my boyfriend gets here.
starsheep troopers > stay nude and he have not time to see your bikini:)
Giinaa > If I stay nude he'll see my forest.
starsheep troopers > i am not sure but where is pleasure if the women dont have a little forest?
Shadow XII > Fine line between 'topiary' and 'fur'
Xcessum > hello neighbours!
Gunnar Ingiberg > i want your soul.
Xcessum > what'ya all up to this pleasant evening?
Xcessum > i would gladly share, but i seem to not have any (
Thiede > selling cookies.. want some?
cynoster > gettting high
Xcessum > that's... fun?
cynoster > u ve never sold cookies whilst high?
cynoster > ur missing out
Borric CoDion > whats your hold size ceasar?
jih chop > one hand or both?
Prince Lorien > i curious, you gys were typing in russian, how do you switch between english and russian letters like that?
Shoushpancheeck > we have two keyboards
Prince Lorien > oh cool, that simple eh
TheArchJudge > WTS kidney, poor shape cos i'm a alchoolic
Deve > How much?
TheArchJudge > a thanatos and 2 vaga's, sry for not being able to link it :P
Deve > Throw in a rotting spleen and I think I can swing it. ;P
Deve > /emote checks his stash of fava beans.
Uruz7 > /emote throws arma the stfu skillbook
Uruz7 > here I think you need to train this
Luigi Thirty > I need to make my hawk not suck
Luigi Thirty > how can I do that
Gus Preston > sell it
Sabriz Adoudel > anyways folks, logging. Got a whole sack of kittens to drown IRL and they aren't disposing of themselves
Saukendar > Your sup[posed to flay them before drowning!!!
Sabriz Adoudel > Oh that's been done, I subcontract that part out
Saukendar > cheater
Tiki Rar > I like you
Tiki Rar > You have balls
Tiki Rar > I like balls
Frank Horrigan > im tired of loot not making any sense
Stavlokar Cerebus > You shouldn't try to have a conversation with your loot
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