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* DJ_Fizzle has quit IRC (Quit: You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life.)
GoLeM > whats going on tonight?
Pogy Bait > we killed 1 tempest, 3 caracals and a bb
GoLeM > heard that :)
Pogy Bait > and
Pogy Bait > 05:59:30 combat Your Wrath Cruise Missile I hits Skull HsC [OMEGA], doing 224.3 splash damage.
Your Wrath Cruise Missile I hits Skull HsC [OMEGA], doing 224.3 splash damage.
Pogy Bait > I fuq'd Skull up with splash ;p
GoLeM > WTG!!! you kill him??? :P
Kalahari Wayrest > rofl
Pogy Bait > nah, he lived
GoLeM > damn
Pogy Bait > he was screaming on TS
GoLeM > lol
Pogy Bait > And I'm thinking....um ok
Pogy Bait > but I have about 20 more already on the way...
Kalahari Wayrest > LOL!
Skull HsC > LOL i was wondering after they said that... "why is pogy still firing??" LOL
Pogy Bait > I turned them off the moment I heard no more missiles
Pogy Bait > but they have flight time
Pogy Bait > And I launch 5 every 9 seconds ;p
Reese Erchault > both tainers are 3000m3 each
Reese Erchault > but they hold 3900
Siron BLack > that breaks the laws of physics
Reese Erchault > yeh lol
Reese Erchault > some sort of special reduction tech maybe
Siron BLack > this is madness
Reese Erchault > madness????????????????
Reese Erchault > THIS IS
Reese Erchault > ahhhh haven't done that in ages
Siron BLack > yea we should do it more often really
Reese Erchault > spartan spam FTW

Vitar > WTS Domination Nanofiber Structure 90kk
Catherine Charlie > kk?
Vitar > k - 10^3 kk - 10^6 kkk - 10^9 :)
Zapek > k = 1000, kk = im a retard, kkk = politically incorrect people with white pointy hats.
EDeeDeDee > SokoleOko tengu
SokoleOko > bullshit
SokoleOko > I'm on a horse
Hippo117 > he docked
Theodorovik > this becomes more difficult now
Farcaster > we need a can opener
Oveur > yeah, I guess I can roleplay a bit with ya
geewiz > hey that 12 misle launchers you got or engines ?
Gorthalion > *druels*
PsychoFluff > >:)
Xeaon > lol
Munch > omfg lol
THX22 RAGE > woot
Zoriander > hahaha
PaulAtreides > w00t!
Gorthalion > w00t
geewiz > woot oveur for presdient
Galaxion > oveur for teh win!
Weyounsix > this is PA space dont say that
Oveur > now if I only had a gun on this ship
Tim Brewer > 1-800-DER-DERKA........hello id like to order 1 suicide bomber please
Larkonis Trassler > and what about space AIDS
Virtuozzo > only women have that
Herschel Yamamoto > and there's no women in eve, so we're safe
Virtuozzo > wut
Virtuozzo > /emote looks down under desk
Virtuozzo > oh ffs
Virtuozzo > GET OUT
Virtuozzo > goddamnit
Rutoo > hmm i got a parking ticket and it's not signed
H3L1X > park the ship inside the ship maintenance array nex time ;)
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