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Marne Deville : Once, I bought a 2nd carrier in lowsec just to get back to UB-, because I didn't want to wait for my jump clone lol
Marne Deville : I sold it, though
Kiri Jol [pxin] : high priced shuttle
Marne Deville : exactly
Scrondo > -1 dread wife aggro for dinnertime
Clavain Treesmighter > god damn it, why can't you reprocess homeless people
AstroPhobic > I left my hardeners on
AstroPhobic > ;)
VicarOfPain > ahh T2 Viagra :P
Madbuzz > heh
VicarOfPain > Stacks well with Remote Hardening Emissions Receptor I
Ralus > heh
Lyticus > I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally.
Lyticus > Besides, I have a colour TV.
Wraith Sho'Ktar > I was on a roll (or so I thought) GF says I have to plant some flowers and fuck her before I can get back online again.
Wraith Sho'Ktar > Damned flowers
Atariss > LOL!!!
Miscus V > starts playing basketball
Revanic > uses baseball bat to hit miscus V and tells him to play more evil sport that you can use weapons in
Revanic > :D
Miscus V > switches to paintball
Revanic > swithes to pigeon shooting
Miscus V > switches to russian roulette
Miscus V > pushes the red button
Miscus V > nukes ftw
Revanic > sits back in station chair remembering that the shields are indestructable :)
Miscus V > deploys neut drones.... presses red button again
Revanic > then uses station defensesto flatten the planet miscus launched the nukes from
Revanic > kills nuet drones with massive uber nuet drone killing array
Miscus V > too bad the master chief made it to your ship first... end game
Mimiru > maybe tomorrow i'll be less
pessimistic and bitchy
Mimiru > (i doubt it)
Dave10 > yay somethings screwed my moniter
Zaphod Jones > it was me dave
Zaphod Jones > i'm sorry
Zaphod Jones > i was horny
Tairos Hakonnus > alright I need conformation... this guy on the ships channel said there was such a thing as norweigian rap
Tairos Hakonnus > is this true?
Zoral Qu > hmmm... well, there is Norwegian death metal
Liu Kaskakka > do they sing about whales and fishing in general?
Zoral Qu > LOL
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