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Homo Erectus > WELL
Diee > what, your caps lock is on again?
Lokaren > u know what i dont get about this game, why the hell is there a module called <b><url=showinfo:4571>inefficient armor repair who the hell is going to buy something called inefficent, and i dont know how to stop this link</url></b>
Aaron Arterius > "idk how to stop this link". Nice
Uuca Liptus > Heh. :)
Draemour > lol
Ritual1 > I thought that was all part of the name
Par'Gellen > wow yeah I was asleep at the wheel there lol
Subspace000 > lol
Subspace000 > go dock and call it a night then Par.
Par'Gellen > cool my cans haven't popped yet. gonna haul and hit the sack
Ox Bellows > haha, you fall asleep par?
Par'Gellen > yeah I have an imprint of several keyboard keys on my forehead
Par'Gellen > and some drool on the desk...
Subspace000 > o.o
Subspace000 > eww
Frymanas > pls pm me the location of omber minerals
Suitonia > EC-P8R has loads of Omber
Frymanas > thank you :)
Penelope Perminas > oh well, I am happy to use my ships the way Minmatar intended
Penelope Perminas > streaming smoke, overheated to the maximum and spewing forth projectiles of death
Builder AlphaOne > help channel reports market fubared all over eve
Builder AlphaOne > prepare for system crash ... severe lag reported in many regions
Builder AlphaOne > make sure your beer is cold
Scipio Amarrianus > rgr
Rose Angel > hey.. at least our thongs match
Rose Angel > =P
Hectic > true
Hectic > that is a bonus
PsycheAnalyzer > definately
Rose Angel > lol.... oi
Rose Angel > i am wearing a thong right now... and its getting too friendly
armacitis > the mach uses a t3 exotic dancer based weapon system.
armacitis > I've already trained exotic dancer weapon systems to lvl5
Disanized > If I only could insure my implants...
Fleh > lol
Saskia Valerious > yeah with a boob job like yours I'd want insurance on it too
Omak Topal > LOL
Mattias Kerensky > damnit
Mattias Kerensky > that doesn't bode well for today
Mattias Kerensky > logged in, warped to a target
Mattias Kerensky Kill: Mattias Kerensky (Slasher)
Mattias Kerensky > dem rails, couldn't keep tansversal up :(
Jokus Balim > From his bio, after google translate:
Jokus Balim > Feel yourself a beast in his home district of the three houses, where people in the head if not empty, then in any grindcore or porn where so many guys already ponalomali firewood in and out of the house you're ready for anything.
Mattias Kerensky > dafuq
Ciba Lexlulu > ?!?!?
Jokus Balim > You see? It's all about the ponalomali firewood. The stakes were against you.
Ciba Lexlulu > kids.. that is what drug will do to you... dont do drug
Mattias Kerensky > Yeah, I believe that gives you 10% to ROF
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