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Gryynch > i have too much blood in my alcohol system
Shoto Vai > badger
Shoto Vai > heh - wrong chat :)
Destoya > badger badger badger badger badger
Onyxalia La'fiette > MUSHROOM!
Somerset Mahm > snaaaake
Valeronx > LOL
Cheese Nippels > Badger badger badger
Cheese Nippels > badger mk 2
Onyxalia La'fiette > O_o way to ruin the song cheese >:l
Paniq > i will shoot this teddy bear if nobody invites me to the gang!
Dash Ripcock > Not Cuddles!
Paniq > 3..2..1
Dash Ripcock > Nooooooooooo
Paniq > *blam!*
Damark > hmm sharp pain when i inhale
Damark > thats likley not good
haav0c > is it consistent?
haav0c > or just once, at random?
Damark > no
Damark > couple times
haav0c > that happens to me occasionally
Damark > but not on every breath
Damark > are you dying of cancer or anything>?
haav0c > nah
haav0c > 19
haav0c > prime of my life
Damark > aight im fine then
haav0c > oh and my arm just fell off.
haav0c > typing with one hand
Damark > ah
Damark > mine too
Damark > weird
haav0c > no! other hand!
haav0c > using penis now
haav0c > oh ffs
Damark > is there any other way to type?
haav0c > glaring at the keys seems to be working.
Golakka > Send me 200m and i will tell you the secret of scamming 200m out of noobs.
Darth Gustav > hi guys
Darth Gustav > i'm darth gustav
Onyxalia La'fiette > i totally thought you were another darth
(@[RKK]Alexison) anyone good with photoshop here?
(@Trevedian) i am kinda
(@[RKK]Alexison) can you stick a penis to a corpse please?
(@Trevedian) errr
Akui Loa > seriously. you looking for converts? a cult? what? all i'm hearing is a bunch of 'my way is THE way', but you're not even offering us sneakers, or decoder rings, or mass suicides. so what do you want?
Iwa Otabenu > little slow tonight work is hammering me
ariatetheys > oh dear. what do you do, to be hammered?
Nikolai Vodkov > he works at a hammer factory as the test subject
Sensha Saigen > I apparently don't understand the science behind opening a popcorn bag
Ahrotahntee > lift tab, pull?
Ahrotahntee > oh no wait, that's a parachute
Masara Alorus > you require popcorn bag operation V
Sensha Saigen > the scene in my kitchen looks kinda like what it woulda been like if jfk's head was filled with kernels
Ahrotahntee > unfortunately the popcorn doesn't beat out Voltaire
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