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Zerich > Baby, interrupt me in the middle of a corp war again and I'll straight up choke you to death.
<sg3s> had
<sg3s> too much
<sg3s> wine
<sg3s> thingy
<sg3s> I had to drink heavily after my aunt told me "it's too bad I'm not 20 years younger or I would have done you"
Benglada> So what are you up to Mirel?
Mirel yirrin> Wormholing, setting up small gangs
Mirel yirrin> ...bust mostly just waiting for them to fix ship spinning.
Graelyn > Rats...soiled again....
Graelyn > Foiled!
Darius Shakor > heh I thought you were potty trained at your age :p
Verone > damn... must be hard to cope with soiling yourself all the time...
Komisches > lol
Graelyn > It's the age that's the problem, son.
Komisches > ello Alasse o/
Makkar > That scuppers that theory then
Alasse Cuthalion > hey Komi
Graelyn > My colon looks like a can of angry worms.
Makkar > That was an image I really didn't need
Verone > dude, that's fucking sick... lol
Verone > i love it!
Komisches > lol
Komisches > no more like LMAO
Graelyn > (I kid of course, I'm a ripe healthy 25)
Verone > i'm actually concerned that the thought of graelyn's diseased colon amuses me...
ArmaggedonPSA > ok, wtf is going on here?
Princess Peipei > guy in real life
Princess Peipei > lets cyber
Princess Peipei > what you be wearing?
ArmaggedonPSA > 1600mm plates
skystorm > I'm crossing low sec with a 63mill cargo :p be advised new pants needed
King Prowler > lol
Tenron > lmao
Lewis Freeman > lol
andy H > hehe
aeturnis > i got some tp if you need it
Kuile > saf just checking, do you have any reprocessing skills applicable to refugees? cause if not they're going to go for a grand adventure in a flimsily constructed cargo container that will not stand up to the rigors of deep space for more than an hour or so...
<eskalin> molle wtf is a ladettes?
<Theo> a male version of the bidet
<wizzard66> lol
<wizzard66> when i went to a good hotel with my wife, she saw a bidet for the first time. before i knew it she was washing her feet into one
<wizzard66> then i explained wat it was
<wizzard66> she spend like 20 minutes on it
<abs> hahaha
<Throdax> lmao
<wizzard66> and i had to leave the room :-(
Wedgetail > time to run the gauntlet again
Ignatzmaximov > going to the toilet???
Wedgetail > ...dunno, is the toilet full of amarr battleships?
Ignatzmaximov > after ive been.... yes...
Shayzan > How long do you keep getting free velators?
3Bird > 4ever
Eoras Northwind > As long as you keep playing?
TheLostPenguin > as long as u keep dying
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