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Twin Turbo > Augin there's more to life than big guns
Augin Soric > No there isn't.
Milon Pendragon > hmm
Milon Pendragon > Is it a bad idea to be getting relationship advice from a lesbian?
Kirian Skellig > Nope
Kirian Skellig > Cause she gets more pussy than you
Kinvaryn > xgongivitoyuh hegongivitoyuh
Thufir Bezluden > no, you really don't want to put your tongue in the mixers until they are off
> Paul Brosnan eats a pack of crisps, remodels the packet into a rifter and goes to make more money for crisps
Texture > The company that makes this is in the wrong business. They should sell advanced, real time data mining and display systems to financial institutions and the like. and leave games to blizzard.
capt > you thought this was a game? your actually participating in the biggest human psychology experiment ever
Lucas Tigh > where is the cyno jam?
Anutan > between the cyno bread?
Svenjabi Xiang > getting the myr
Tareen Kashaar > what did you kill, and why didn't you freeze time to teleport me over there?
Atandros > We were using the time machine power generator for the disco lighting at our retro-themed orgy
Atandros > Sorry :(
Tareen Kashaar > Ah well, it's an orgy, it's excused.
<|AFDT|Solwolf> Kurenin is in Xan? wowl
<[Xan]Hawk> ;)
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> but
<|AFDT|mim> kurenin r nub :(
<Dreadnought> yeah we figured we needed a nub
Major Tarsis > shit jammers
jih chop > shit jammers. . . . flinging gobs of poo onto your radar array to muck up the sensors?
Sithience > jams your waste jesttison systems
jih chop > my nephew cooked supper - my waste disposal system is all ready jammed thank you
Doc Lithius > I like mouthfuls...and flexibility
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