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Par'Gellen > i stabbed myself in the leg while trying to pick cabbage once
Kali II > I have stabbed myself in the leg several times, while playing with my knives, and with a sword once lol
Par'Gellen > sword! ack lol
Kali II > The time with the sword I stabbed myself in the shin, it stopped at the bone lol
Kali II > Which there isn't much flesh there, but it stuck in the bone and brought it to a stop lol
Par'Gellen > had a friend slice his arm open from wrist to elbow almost while trying to cut open a cigarette lighter with a box cutter. see this is where natural selection would normally have kicked in but now we have hospitals
Lenoor > tyvm sir
Lenoor > what did you want in exchange?
Piotr > first born child
Piotr > and numbers to good looking girls over 18
Lenoor > damn, i was going to name him mcgregor
Piotr > name him mcguyver
Piotr > and show him how to build car engines from a juice box and tooth paste
Piotr > and we got a deal
Lenoor > ok, deal
Piotr > he better be building and solving trouble
Piotr > in a action adventure sort of way
Piotr > with minimal everyday items
Lenoor > he'll even have the mullet, my good man
Piotr > well then im a happy guy
Piotr > might bring the show back at that rate
Rendav > wts Daredevil 15mil
Korskav > whats wts stand for?
Phuze > want to sell
Korskav > ahh thx
Palos Pax > wtf, this game has too many acronyms, its BS
Korskav > lol
bio dude > lol
Rendav > lol imho you right
Korskav > you get used to the tbh
Korskav > them*
Lionel Ou > or you could come down to 0.0, there's an op soon, for people that want to fly down here
Chuck Loris > whot is op?
Chuck Loris > opera? ^^
DraLaFi > aye we sing along on ventrilo
Lionel Ou > ... not very good, but still
<DigitalCommunist> thats one good thing about xetic
<DigitalCommunist> you can say something really really stupid, and a thousand of your alliance mates will write 'signed' to back you up
Dr Cunter > i need to warp disrupt baby hunger aggro
Dr Cunter > cant pod baby, ......CEO would be upset
Griff Skyshock > I haven't gone poop in days!
Virtuozzo > * done
Drakma > ok... that crossed the line
Griff Skyshock > the line is a dot to me,
Drakma > more like a quark
Virtuozzo > elastic borders, jsut like bra ties
Drakma > zomg
Aiyeeta Beaver > so.. what you're saying is... I should pull the line one direction and let it snap against the back of morality?
Virtuozzo > of what?
Griff Skyshock > morality
Virtuozzo > huh?
Aiyeeta Beaver > I don't know... I think I just channeled dead crazy people
Heard on TS after LV titan killed 215 goon ships in one shot, leading to 215 wrecks: "Congratulations, you can now build 1 rig!"
Lijuan Redzic > is that a new feature? i played a year ago for a bit and don't recall that..
Voldorious > not new
Lijuan Redzic > ok thanks!
Cousin Balki > been around for awhile
CazRemo > its been around for a few hours
CazRemo > years*
Cousin Balki > hours = years? yer lag that bad?
Cousin Balki > get outta jita man
Shinshitar > dude... i just locked someone and fired on them and my ship exploded! can i petition that?
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