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TehONe > anyone want to mine with me?
Xrak > Erm
Xrak > RKK is that way --->
Roush Winberd > We have 2.5 frigs at my house if it makes you feel better Shizah lol
Asmodea Lorion > I'm thinking of asking my mum to make a thanksgiving turkey this weekend.. hmmm :)
Shizah > :) -- We have a very big freezer too
Roush Winberd > Nope no big freezer here :(
Asmodea Lorion > This turkey... does it have large talons?
Shizah > A good turkey dinner is really yummy
Roush Winberd > I wish so I could hide all the dead bodys.........
Mr Dougle > 0.o
Shizah > Don't know Asmo -- havent unwraped it yet
Roush Winberd > The butcher didn't cut it?
Shizah > but I dont think so
Shizah > Im sure all the pieces parts that arent supposed to be there, aren't.
Roush Winberd > Is it true only the male turkys have the gobels because thats where their reproductive system starts?
Shizah > whats a gobel?
Superjetz > ^-- was thinking the same thing
Roush Winberd > The thing on the turkeys neck
Roush Winberd > Yeah know it lets it go gobel gobel
Shizah > those sacs - hmmmmm - I have no idea
Superjetz > curious how a reproductive system starts at the mouth?
Superjetz > hehe
Roush Winberd > throat not them mouth
Mr Dougle > lol
Roush Winberd > Well when ever I piss of my mother she says "I should have swallowed you!"
Superjetz > lmao
Shizah > lol
Mr Dougle > lool
Asmodea Lorion > eww fs
Roush Winberd > I don't know exactly what she means but that might answer your question
Baran > Anyone have an opinion for rigs for a Missions Abaddon? Trimark Armor pumps, or Capacitor Control circuits?
Eran Laude > baran there's an entire subforum devoted to fittings on the website
Eran Laude > use it
Enthes goldhart > what website
Hana Lena > ...
Eran Laude > eve-online.com . . .
Helicity Boson > I wonder what we should call the pathological need of every frig/inty pilot to attack my thrasher despite the amazingly good odds that my thrasher is specifically designed to skullfuck them without lubrication.
Caracas > nearly back from empire with my 85 BPOs !!
Tamora > just out of interest - where u at right now? i maybe able to escort you...
Caracas > AJI
Tamora > }:) omw
Dr4FT > why would you need to tell people over the internet you're trans?
Tang Tso > Why should i not be proud of who i am?
GeneralTso'sChicken > Does it matter what you are its eve
Teslin > agreed
Jareth Armada > tbh, on the internet you can just tell people you're a chick and we'll assume you're trans
Gehen Sealbreaker > Ah, that's roughtly what I do. :P
Captain Die > hi five
Captain Die > o/
Captain Die > /emote has been left hanging
Captain Die > :(
Gehen Sealbreaker > o
Gehen Sealbreaker > Sry man. Increase your timeout settings ?
Pimo > ouch! I crashed to station. Is that bad?
BoinKlasik > crashed to station?
BoinKlasik > how the hell do you do that
BoinKlasik > Ive only managed to crash to desktop :(
LordMyrddin > What about it?
Tommyboy > ?
Lyran Draconis > Someone on TS was asking how to spell it.
matt way > don't mind lyran
LordMyrddin > Ahhh
Tommyboy > /emote adjusts some screws on lyran
Tommyboy > there all better
Lyran Draconis > Hey, stop that.
Lyran Draconis > Your Screwdriver I hits Lyran, wrecking for psychological damage.
Commander Venture > yeah I looked at local just now there were five of us
Commander Venture > we all had bounties on us
Commander Venture > It was like, this....
Commander Venture > Victim: "Who shot me?" Local: "Um, the guy with the bounty."
Commander Venture > Victim: "Thanks for narrowing that down"
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