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Ryuji Hinomura > Someone actually came into my office and expected me to do some work. Geeez! Some people.
Nagash Windsong > lol, the nerve
Ryuji Hinomura > Indeed so, they really ought to realise that EvE is my job.
Nagash Windsong > lol
Ryuji Hinomura > Guess I shall have to educate them about such things.
Nagash Windsong > I tried that at my job, they wern't impressed.
Nagash Windsong > :)
Ryuji Hinomura > Some people.......really.
Nagash Windsong > hehehe
Ryuji Hinomura > Try to show them the wonders of internet gaming technology and all they can do is frown and sigh and be generally unimpressed.
Ryuji Hinomura > Ungrateful sods.
Nagash Windsong > one guy got mad at me because he thinks videogames are for little kids and are anti-social.
Nagash Windsong > I had to explain the concept of mmorg
Nagash Windsong > weird people the previous generation
Ryuji Hinomura > How previous are you talking?
Nagash Windsong > 40-55
Nagash Windsong > the people who thinking working hard will get you somewhere in life
Ryuji Hinomura > Oh......those fools.
Nagash Windsong > ROFL, yep
Ryuji Hinomura > Wasting your time. Most of them can barely work their mobile phones.
Nagash Windsong > yep the same bunch of people who think 3g is a speed.
Nagash Windsong > for air flight
Ryuji Hinomura > It is if it is an impact velocity. Which is the speed their jaws hit the floor at when they find out the kids are having sex.
Nagash Windsong > rofl
Kazzzi > I like to roleplay in alliance chat, especially when the alliance doesn't realize I'm roleplaying
Quinn Oron > That Avatar trying to enter the POS bubble reminds me of a sex ed video I saw in school.
Kren Rustazh > sometimes i think devs could fuck up a wet dream lol
Oveur: Nope, we have some ideas. If you have a suggestion, a well formed game design post in the Ships & Module forum or Idea lab is appreciated. You can reply to this thread with links to your previous suggestions too, that will help us take them into consideration.

Gungankllr: I think a great addition would be an alt seeking missile.
Selthae > Everyone yaps about the minmatar flying trashheaps, but NOOO, no-one ever pauses to think for a moment how hard it is to actually make trash fly!
clinko > or kills stuff
Selthae > or that...
EVE System > Channel MOTD changed to "Destroyed items:

Zydrine, Qty: 202280 (Cargo)

Fucking BULLSHIT - Tank CEO" by Tank CEO.
JenKrist > what is everyones ASL neways?
Verone > i'd be happy to answer this question too, but unfortunatley i'm also still yet to discover my true gender.
Verone > it has however been found that i posess both the full set of funtional, yet massively oversized male sexual organs as well as ovaries in my ass that secrete a frog spawn like substance into my feces.
Verone > have a lovely evening
Fast Eddie > Knew a girl once with boobs on her back.... not much to look at, but great fun to dance with... :)
Lizaa II > viceroy
Lizaa II > is a h0
Viceroy > lizaa is a nub
Lizaa II > well fucking duh
Lizaa II > tell em something they dont knwo
Viceroy > i'm a woman
Kyle Caldrel > Thats interesting
Kyle Caldrel > Wanna go make babehs?
Viceroy > not if you were the last loser on earth
Kyle Caldrel > what if i were the last winner?
Viceroy > then we'd make wild slippery love
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