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Dr Wilhelm > what I wanna know is this...
Dr Wilhelm > I find me some slaves in a loot can...
Dr Wilhelm > like a spider I decide I wanna save em for later...
Bud Jager > you gona eat them?
Sapeians desire > they are nice with a bit of hot sauce
Cadela Fria > o.O
Dr Wilhelm > But when I wanna take em back out into space and blow em up for giggles, they just wont get back in the can
Cadela Fria > Of course not Wilhelm...who in their right mind would wanna go back into a can????
Bud Jager > lol
Bwang > you dont know what goes on in those cans
Bwang > a group of people
Bwang > locked in a container
Bwang > in zero gravity
Bwang > with nothing to do.....
Cadela Fria > "If the can is rockin' don't come a knockin'" ?
Bwang > XD
Vandemar > The Billboards are really under used atm.
Kyle Caldrel > nah, billboards shoot me all the time
Vandemar > most of the ad's are the same as 18months+
Vandemar > ...and I still havent bought a single 'pax amarria'
Maestra Jsun > Doesn't your ass get dirty?
Kyle Caldrel > i wipe with gallante severed heads
Vandemar > I bidet with quafe
Jacob Etienne > gm pwnage
Promon Delnai > gm strikes you perfectly wrecking your account
Jacob Etienne > pwnt!
pshepherd: so how has everyone been spending their time in the real world?
Malicious Intention:I spent the day acknowledging the existence of my children.
Dao 2 > anyone? hed status?
Gothikia > cold. advise woolys
Frau Blucher > yes. the new research system is terrible
sugarXsugar > have you petitioned it?
Frau Blucher > i tried but when i went to submit the petition it said "the petition system is not working" - they already know it sucks
Marcathonas > I hear when you beat BoB
Marcathonas > there are end credits
Marcathonas > and you're asked to enter your highscore
Biggus Tankus > goddamn caldari chav ship, it warps like a skoda going uphill
Biggus Tankus > Or a lada
Raven O'Connor > Jirid - but that means that in Moscow it should be 8:27 - because Moscow is +3 GMT.... but it isnt, it is 9:27 here.... meaning, either you have set the clock wrong... or the timezones have shifted, lol :)
Jirid > Raven - In Soviet Russia timezones shift you.
Kale Ryoko > IT CAN'T ESCAPE!
Nooey > Kale are you webbing my tower?
Kale Ryoko > ... yes ._.
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