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Doug > got a book from him...."iceland 1100 years" :)
Ravenal > yup. he told me
Ravenal > said you couldnt belive we lived in dirt houses only 100 years ago
Sir Dragon > where a bunch off hill billy's :(
Doug > hehe....and now you have the internet....man, how you guys have come along! you'll have flying cars and personal jet packs like the rest of us in no time!
Crixon > haha
Melfor > lol
Sir Dragon > what are you talking about, i already got mine :)
Doug > lol
FowlPlayChiken > Titan: 60 bil. Suicide cyno carrier: 1b. DD'ing your own fleet because you diddnt set a pos pass? Priceless
Tallarico Gordo > makes me feel a cock for wanting a little cash
Conrad Aerinthir > Heh
Tallarico Gordo > that was like a cock
Tallarico Gordo > not feel a cock
caldicott > omgrawr.net! PWNED!
Tallarico Gordo > Didn't mean it man
Tallarico Gordo > v
Tallarico Gordo > vffddf
Tallarico Gordo > d
Tallarico Gordo > d
Tallarico Gordo > spam
Tallarico Gordo > spam
Tallarico Gordo > spam
Tallarico Gordo > spammo
Utlar > damn you fuckers
Levin Cavil > 20m for the pod
Levin Cavil > dont swear at me
Utlar > end it
Utlar > now
Levin Cavil > hmm i dont think so
Utlar > fuck you
Levin Cavil > apologize
Utlar > nope
Utlar > fuck you
Levin Cavil > your language offends me
Utlar > good fuckign kill me asshole
Levin Cavil > sir
Utlar > do it
Utlar > now
Levin Cavil > that language is not appropriate
Levin Cavil > im trying to conduct business here
Utlar > ahh cry me a river
Levin Cavil > sir
Utlar > and fuckign pod me asshole
Levin Cavil > i will not sir
Levin Cavil > not until you apologize
Utlar > ok then we sit here all day
Utlar > fuckign prick
Levin Cavil > sir it is a simple request
Utlar > never
Utlar > ill pay you when my mother sucks your dick
Levin Cavil > well then you better pay up
Utlar > ahh yoru fuckgin orginal
Utlar > yoru a bunch of assholes
Levin Cavil > pleaseure doing business with you
Karkian > "This mission is of utmost importance to the Gallente Federation, and would not go unnoticed in the world."
Karkian > every time i've been offered a mission like that via eve mail it's been something like "My friend, on the other side of the galaxy, is in urgent need of this jar of jam for his morning toast"
MrShooter > 2005.09.21 22:31:05 notify Your Moa self-destructs.
MrShooter > whoopsy
Patrick McCarty > 2005.09.21 22:31:05 notify MrShooter made a noob mistake.
Virtuozzo > o/
Andreas Kallesoee > its the alt man him self
Virtuozzo > heh
Virtuozzo > oh shit
Virtuozzo > I drove the wrong me here
EVE System > Channel changed to Jita Local Channel
Gustovness > congrats on the kill
Demetrius Ekid > woohoo!
Demetrius Ekid > i found a cargo container full of stuff
Demetrius Ekid > theres a dozens of items in it
Buxaroo > <url=showinfo:13809//807539143>Dark Blood Medium Beam Laser</url>
Buxaroo > wts
Bandidas > хуйня<br>
Moniak XXXL > не матерись
Big Di > wts <url=showinfo:20501//132570133>Slave Beta</url> ...
almooja > WTS <url=showinfo:19263//134380767>Gist C-Type Photon Scattering Field</url>
AsiaFury > <url=showinfo:13949//653394096>Dread Guristas Medium Shield Booster</url>
AsiaFury > wts
Sahne MuhMuh > WTS <url=showinfo:19196//563291310>Gist B-Type X-Large Shield Booster</url>
almooja > WTS 25 MILL RIGHT NOW <url=showinfo:19263//134380767>Gist C-Type Photon Scattering Field</url>
R'Onin > WTS <url=showinfo:17703//108196918>Amarr Navy Slicer</url>
Avena > WTS - Directions to the frigging trade channel
Syruss Scaleskin > Why am I in space O.o
Korrente > Hi! Welcome to EVE!
Aleksia > ignorance is bliss :P
Cache Smith > no,
Cache Smith > it's a plauge
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