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Azia Burgi > upss, have you done the tutorial yet?
Upssilon > can you help me telling me how to build a sheep ?
Azia Burgi > a sheep?
Azia Burgi > well you get a mummy sheep and a daddy sheep...
ladygrey > guys i have a dinner date will be on later
Virtuozzo > if any kids come from it, train them for dreadnoughts
* @darklyndsea claws bizarre's eyes out
<@Bizarre> (
Itachi XIII > Awesome, thanks yous so muchz0r for logging in and getting stuck, next week we will sacrifice pigs to test the effect of high voltage dual cores on living tissue, kthxbye, Oveur.
John Mordu > /emote runs and hides
Shinzu Takigawa > /emote gets out deep anal sisters probes
channia > emote sniffs mordu's trail, find him and ump him viviously
Wanten > that just does not read right
<Jadrut> i could start moaning about how sms messaging is the deprivation of the human language but people may start taking offense to it again
<Jadrut> bbl foodage
Emmanuel Grey > Pssh. I was only off by about a factor of a billion.
Piuro > For an English major, thats pretty good
Arion Iscallion > to see the new hot cgi vid CCP made, hold down the control key and type quaffe
<Anon7630> eve online is a great game
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> So from what you have typed so far narc, you are a paedophile, into bestiality with dolphins, and necrophilia with exploded corpses. Correct?
* Narc makes dolphin noises at Omberzombie
<Anon7630> i like but im only going to play the trial preview cuz
<Narc> nooo?
<Anon7630> i wish there was more intereactivity with players
<Anon7630> like 3d avatars and all you know?
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> anon - a/s/l?
<Anon7630> 23 m sc
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> (you wanted interactivity)
<Narc> and do you like dolphins?
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> lmao
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