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Iynara Maeral > I have small hybrid and laser and missile specs
Iynara Maeral > Medium hybrid spec
Iynara Maeral > All to IV, except small missiles only to III
Akirith > I have small hybrid to III o/
* Iynara Maeral snickers
Akirith > 55,560 skillpoints in gunnery o/ o/
Xiliath > damn
Iynara Maeral > o/
Iynara Maeral > Ah, the newb days. Nostalgic :D
Akirith > Impressive, eh? :D
Thommo > wow wow
Akirith > My clones come in six-packs :D
Apollyon X > so what exactly was going on with the dreads?
ArcticFox > they were having a waffle-making contest
Apollyon X > yea right
Kalest > and they were yummy
ArcticFox > when the waflles are done
ArcticFox > so yeah
ArcticFox > we like our waffles extra-cirspy
Apollyon X > i dont
ArcticFox > and that's why you weren't invited
Norrin Ellis > CCP could've made a really great planetary skin for Caldari Prime: Glass World.
Zagamesh > "Fleet. Begin planetary vitrification protocols."
Norrin Ellis > "This is a planet that has been involved in a Federation territorial dispute resolved by warfare."
Zagamesh > "It is now a prime exporter of silica products."
Julianus Soter > High-purity Silica products, at that.
Zagamesh > Hey, turning Caldari Prime into sheets of glass may fit right in with minimalist Caldari aesthetics
Zagamesh > It's no longer a frozen ball of rock, it's /beautiful/
<wooley> ahhh crap >_<
<wooley> I've got all the way to Empire and forgot what I went there for
<Mara_Skye> to mine veld
<wooley> ah yes
<wooley> to mine veld in my badger
<+DJ_Enigma|OnAIr> lol
<Mara_Skye> :P
<+DJ_Enigma|OnAIr> omg i remeber when i first started playing i did that :s
<wooley> omg Enigma
* wooley ignores
<+DJ_Enigma|OnAIr> would leave the badger out in a belt mining and then go to bed
<+DJ_Enigma|OnAIr> :S
Hmm uk > who is Kath?
MonaLisa Overdrive > I think Ecatherina W call her self Kath?
Ecatherina W > That's correct :)
Ecatherina W > But I'll accept EW as well :)
Hmm uk > U accept EW???
Hmm uk > that ecm probing or dampeners :D
Hmm uk dribbles at thought of Ecatherina 'damp'
Ecatherina W > LOL
Hmm uk > hehe where U sneaking off to Dave
Hmm uk > lolol
Davision > Nah ... doing some hardner tests
Hmm uk > eek!
Ecatherina W checks Davi's hardeners...
Hmm uk > heh
Davision starts some lessons on how to avoid writing for omgrawr.net
<Molle> everything comfortable in evol?
<Digitalcommunist> yep, its like being dipped in honey and getting a bunch of poodles to lick you
Lag Fest > free tinfoil hats are being handed
out at the g-m gate...
GM Arkanon > Free hats!
Lyking > is that with or with out exploit bonus
Tholarim > free lag bom with it
Tamora > +50% to node crash per level gang mods are on me....
Valora > Want to camp with us ark?
Tom Price > Whats the best Caldari PvP ship?
Theo Samaritan > a gallente one
DeeeBo > i was in full rage earlier over that Nighthawk loss
jih chop > ouch dude
jih chop > I'm sorry
jih chop > um, tell you what
jih chop > to make up for it
jih chop > you can have bellafor for the week
DeeeBo > no ty
jih chop > no really, it's ok
jih chop > one full week
jih chop > he's all yours
jih chop > yeah, no prob
jih chop > and he's obediant too
jih chop > wash your dishes, scrub your floors,
jih chop > <i>make you a sammich . . . .</i>
Bellafor > should i be upset more over being given away or that the second party doesn't want me.
jih chop > oh he does
jih chop > he just doesn't want to seem too eager
DeeeBo > what type of sammich?
Bellafor > I do make a good rueben
DeeeBo > DEAL
DeeeBo > I'll take him
DeeeBo > is he house broken?
Bellafor > now i feel like kenny off halfbaked
jih chop > Wait! make me a rueben first!
Emiug > i take it back on what i said about that amarr ship looking teh shitty
Gronsak > who gives a shit what it looks like
Emiug > me
Gronsak > the bonouses on the ships and the slot layout is wh counts
Emiug > gron
Will Tippin > me too
Will Tippin > design is important
Emiug > would you fly around in a ship that WAS a giant penis
Gronsak > ofcourse
Gronsak > so when i kill someone
Gronsak > i can say "in your mouth" :P
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