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Jordania > YARRRRRR
Saran Tal > run away!
* Saran Tal hides under the desk
Jordania > O.o
* omfgargh hides in bunker under desk
omfgargh > turns out the bunker was full of pirates
Galadriela > /emote is crazy, did anyone notice yet?
Screaming Blade > your not crazy, you havent seen my crawl space yet..
exozone > you are all witness to the biggest f***up in eve history, damn my tractor beam, just torped my domi can :S
Aquinitus Scipii > LMAO
Souzzandrah > ROFL!!!!!
Oortog > OUCH
Souzzandrah > hahahahahaa
Nwyvret > OMG!!
Aquinitus Scipii > did it survive the torp?
Nwyvret > no
exozone > nope :S
Dark77 > ur just pissed cause i proved my point :)
Sakura Nihil > Nah, just pissed that we couldn't chlorinate the gene pool before you were born.
Marchant LaCroix > go get yerself some Cajones mr rooker.
* Rooker cuts off marchant's cojones with a spork
Rooker > ok, now what?
* Marchant LaCroix takes his cajones back and staples them in place.
Marchant LaCroix > get yer own ya lazy begger.
In Rens Local @ 12.08 ET
Cillatem > is the downtime over ? xD
Teelis > no this is a dream - its still DT 0_o
Cillatem > O rly ? xD
Cillatem > is it over or not ? xD
Teelis > haha
Sister Seneca > wtf?
Sister Seneca > lol
Cillatem > gawd
Cillatem > hard question ? :P
Sister Seneca > yeah very
Micarr > civilian hobgoblin sounds like a really boring spider-man villain
Thorengard > k, i'm uncocked
Thorengard > undocked*
Thorengard > that didn't happen
Thorengard > you saw nothing
Diddy > Hey guys, I can't stick around because my wife's water just broke. But I have to update my skill queue first.
Kronic Offender > Par missioning?
Kronic Offender > Par eating bacon?
Par'Nabuk > back sorry had to go potty
Kronic Offender > me too!
Par'Nabuk > o/
Kronic Offender > wife's gonna be upset
Par'Nabuk > potty partners!
Par'Nabuk > no no no!!
Kronic Offender > /emote sends son for towel
Kronic Offender > /emote and bathroom spray
Par'Nabuk > I read it after I typed it and was like omg
Kronic Offender > gotta mask it!!
Kronic Offender > ROFL!!!
Par'Nabuk > I should really pay attention to what my fingers do
Par'Nabuk > brb fixing toilet
GoFur > I'm waiting on plumber
Kronic Offender > what the heck are you guys doing anyway?
Kronic Offender > power poopin'?
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