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Bloodspoon > yesterday there were presentations in scientific communications class on space exploration and if its worth it
Bloodspoon > and they started talking about moon bases and shit
Bloodspoon > then mentioned all the 'minerals' in 'asteroids' and all we need to do is 'mine' them i said under my breath 'fuckin carebears'
Lapkawitz > and you can tell she's really japanese becase her genitals produce a forcefield that pixelates the air around them
Durakken > i went to a private christian middle school
Caleb Or > explains alot
Zurtur > Hello to all 450 people in here. U know that i love u all, but could u pls log off, so i can open my cargohold, undock and get the **** out of this system? THX
Malaki Obero > 2006.02.26 17:13:26 Guristas Imputor hits you, doing 0.0 damage.
Malaki Obero > lol
Elethe > lol
Malaki Obero > oh no... i'll never survive that
Elethe > you're doomed!
Nocturnal Prince > if you where a Gallente you would have surrendered by now
Malaki Obero > lmao
Elethe > If you were Minmatar you'd have shot off your own foot and ejected by now
ShamTu > brb on me last alt
Malaki Obero > 6 torps might have been overkill
Nocturnal Prince > ejected? oh, you mean jumped out of a door making a 'whoosh' noise so people think they have an ejector system
Elethe > rofl well, strapping themselves to a missile and screaming "Aiiialalalalala"
Nocturnal Prince > hmm, it seems you are familier with Minm inteceptors
Startica > uh oh,, i'm getting the urge to write more mining fairy tales
BaronVonMeunchousen > hehehe... I don't think 10 has heard any of those :)
Startica > lets see,,, there was goldie miner and the three roids
Startica > little red arknor roid
10of15 > lol
Startica > sleeping bistot
BaronVonMeunchousen > heheh... that's a good one :)
10of15 > brb
Startica > the pied miner of Hampinen
BaronVonMeunchousen > hehe :)
Startica > peter peter hemo eater
BaronVonMeunchousen > I'd feel sorry for that guy :)
Startica > he had a drone but couldn't keep her
Startica > for when the rats came out to play
Startica > peter had to run away
BaronVonMeunchousen > heh... that's good so far :)
Startica > peter piper poped a pack of prickley plagio
BaronVonMeunchousen > lol
10of15 > lol
Startica > Heomo's Oddesey
BaronVonMeunchousen > I don't think you can start that one correctly :)
Startica > Plagioisys falls in love with a beautiful roid named Heda of Trosquesere
BaronVonMeunchousen > lol... well that's a good start :)
Startica > cinderoida
10of15 > lol
Startica > The Dark Ocre
Startica > The Scord is a Stone
BaronVonMeunchousen > heh nice :)
Startica > King Arkanor and the Knights of the Roid Table
Startica > rofl
BaronVonMeunchousen > lol
10of15 > lol
Startica > the plagio and the popper
Startica > the three bistot roids gruff
10of15 > hairy veldspar and the prisoner of plagioclase
Startica > OMFG,, that's funny
10of15 > lol
Startica > indiana roid and the tempest of doom
BaronVonMeunchousen > rofl
BaronVonMeunchousen > tempest of doom... that's good :)
BaronVonMeunchousen > also... part of the series... indiana roid and the last crusader :)
Startica > nice
Startica > with the hemo grail
BaronVonMeunchousen > lol
BaronVonMeunchousen > arknor of the covenant :)
10of15 > lol
Startica > refined: indiana jaspet
BaronVonMeunchousen > where's the eve-imdb interface when you need it :)
Startica > :P
Startica > monty plagioclase and the quest for the hemo grail
10of15 > lol
BaronVonMeunchousen > hehehe
Startica > I fought outlaws and my drones won,,,
BaronVonMeunchousen > midnight in the garden of gniess and ocre :)
Startica > lol
Startica > the usual scordites
Startica > kernite sose
BaronVonMeunchousen > the hunt for red ocre :)
10of15 > lol
BaronVonMeunchousen > <grin> finding hemo :)
Startica > the fall of the hedgebrite of usher
Startica > lol
Startica > the raven :P
Startica > as i was alone in mining ore said the raven,,, nevermore
10of15 > lol
Startica > i like finding hemo
BaronVonMeunchousen > mine! :)
Startica > eternal omber of the scordless mine
BaronVonMeunchousen > lol... nice :)
Sokhar blames jesus
[Sokhar] and also i blame stavros
[Sokhar] because he didn't buy me a pony ;[
[mim] how mean :(
[Sokhar] inoes
Gavinex9 > i need an oven inside my desk.
Gavinex9 > and a deep freezer by my computer.
Gavinex9 > Then i can make pizza while mining
Herculite > I'd settle for a hot secretary under it
Gavinex9 > can she make pizza?
mirel yirrin > wtf
mirel yirrin > someone just threw a brick thru my window
mirel yirrin > wtf
mirel yirrin > afk
<RinnyWee> [GM]White is a kitten
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