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<+holyone> what's up with Aneu Angellus Stavros?
<&t20> yeah, it's the viagrachocolate egg
<+Stavros> nothing much
<+Stavros> hes just wrong alot :P
<&Hammerhead> isn't that the forum troll?
Hellspawn01 > lol, gate camping gone wrong here
Hellspawn01 > 3x ppl camping in covetors :)
Novac > lol
Draageem > maybe they hope some roid will jump through
Par'Gellen > They were a little concerned that I'd shaved my pubics to look like Hitler's moustache and had an erection during the entire procedure but after the cops left we all had a good laugh.
Vladimir Ramanov > i'm not even going to ask
GoFur > me either
Par'Gellen > oops wrong chat
Laci > hi there :)
magickangaroo > o/
Laci > U are a hostile force?
magickangaroo > um
magickangaroo > i kileld u yesterday
Laci > then i leaving :)
<DJStar> oh hahahaha i remember seeing somert on omgrawr about rinny and a nerfbat
<RinnyWee> damn devs taking everything i say sexually :(
<RinnyWee> tbh tho
<RinnyWee> with some of them
<DJStar> "we dont shower together"
<RinnyWee> i wouldnt mind
<DJStar> O.o
<RinnyWee> they're very handsome guys
<RinnyWee> oh and urban
<RinnyWee> if i see this on omgrawr
<RinnyWee> i'm gonna fucking kill you
<RinnyWee> thx
Twin Turbo > could i get a price check on a hyperoin
Twin Turbo > hypeiorn*
Twin Turbo > hypeion*
Twin Turbo > Hypreoin*
Twin Turbo > hyperoni*
Twin Turbo > fuck it
Blyzz > Q: what happens when an EVE player quits EVE to play WOW
Blyzz > A: the Average IQ of both goes up
Caya > maybe u should try to petition your problem
Vladic Valenski > does anybody have bpo for probs ?
Targatta > you want to make problems?
Vladic Valenski > nononononon
Targatta > ah, probes :)
Vladic Valenski > :D
Gaius Kador > i have a recipe for disaster if that helps?
Targatta > rofl
[00huntress00]hiya matey we have a problem
[phleet] WTF where has my ship gone?
[00huntress00] erm sorry i had to borrow your ship/account.
[phleet] why?
[00huntress00] got podded so went back to kill em
[00huntress00]and what?
[phleet]and where is my ****** ship
[00huntress00]well thats the problem
[phleet]? you got my ship blown up?
[00huntress00] erm not exactly
[phleet]WTF are you talking about where is my ship?
[00huntress00]how can i put this,as my mother used to say never click eject in the middle of a fight.
[phleet] did your mother also say dont log on as me ever again? because that would be a good saying too.

Some minutes later
[phleet] oh my ********** god where are my implants....
[phleet] huntress?
[00huntress00]sorry :(
At start of Derek Tournament Round 1:

GM Sunshine > When you finally get to the arena, do not move around at all, you do so under threat of point penalties.
Derek 74 > 1b?
Intigo >
Faichan Kangri > shut up.
Disturbingly Derek > 1c, got it
turnschuh > lolz
Faichan Kangri > THEY ARE FAGGOTS
Iwishai Wazahero > Sunshine, ignore the heathens. Please brief me yet more...
GM Sunshine > /emote takes mentalnote: warn Faichan Kangri for use of word 'faggot'
Faichan Kangri > shut up faggot!
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