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dodgy242 > work it does not *does yoda*
Raptornas > Maybe
Raptornas > You did yoda?
Raptornas > How was he?
dodgy242 > a bit short
Umit Davala > hairy and green he was
dodgy242 > could only get half in
[00huntress00]hiya matey we have a problem
[phleet] WTF where has my ship gone?
[00huntress00] erm sorry i had to borrow your ship/account.
[phleet] why?
[00huntress00] got podded so went back to kill em
[00huntress00]and what?
[phleet]and where is my ****** ship
[00huntress00]well thats the problem
[phleet]? you got my ship blown up?
[00huntress00] erm not exactly
[phleet]WTF are you talking about where is my ship?
[00huntress00]how can i put this,as my mother used to say never click eject in the middle of a fight.
[phleet] did your mother also say dont log on as me ever again? because that would be a good saying too.

Some minutes later
[phleet] oh my ********** god where are my implants....
[phleet] huntress?
[00huntress00]sorry :(
Laci > hi there :)
magickangaroo > o/
Laci > U are a hostile force?
magickangaroo > um
magickangaroo > i kileld u yesterday
Laci > then i leaving :)
Caya > maybe u should try to petition your problem
Vladic Valenski > does anybody have bpo for probs ?
Targatta > you want to make problems?
Vladic Valenski > nononononon
Targatta > ah, probes :)
Vladic Valenski > :D
Gaius Kador > i have a recipe for disaster if that helps?
Targatta > rofl
Twin Turbo > could i get a price check on a hyperoin
Twin Turbo > hypeiorn*
Twin Turbo > hypeion*
Twin Turbo > Hypreoin*
Twin Turbo > hyperoni*
Twin Turbo > fuck it
Ryan Rs > I'm just saying you can't point to satellite lag and say that anime snipers shooting mechanical crabs is unrealistic.
blasharga : Why am i almost the only person on mumble?
Marcus Demitri : Did you forget deodorant this morning?
Nikadena > bah I hate that failed salvage message, saying "You succefully salvage the wreck, but sadly there is nothing to be salvaged" is the same as saying "You succesfully cook dinner, but sadly there is no food"
Louis deGuerre > I had that salvaging my first BS. Boy, was I pissed :)
Nikadena > You succesfully have sex, but sadly there was no woman
Louis deGuerre > well, that happens a lot to many people :)
<Kayosoni> the girl in it has an apron with a cat paw print on it and it says neko and she has catbells in her hair, little ones
<Kayosoni> pwn.
<~Stavros> LOOK
Frank Horrigan > im tired of loot not making any sense
Stavlokar Cerebus > You shouldn't try to have a conversation with your loot
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