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[00huntress00]hiya matey we have a problem
[phleet] WTF where has my ship gone?
[00huntress00] erm sorry i had to borrow your ship/account.
[phleet] why?
[00huntress00] got podded so went back to kill em
[00huntress00]and what?
[phleet]and where is my ****** ship
[00huntress00]well thats the problem
[phleet]? you got my ship blown up?
[00huntress00] erm not exactly
[phleet]WTF are you talking about where is my ship?
[00huntress00]how can i put this,as my mother used to say never click eject in the middle of a fight.
[phleet] did your mother also say dont log on as me ever again? because that would be a good saying too.

Some minutes later
[phleet] oh my ********** god where are my implants....
[phleet] huntress?
[00huntress00]sorry :(
Nikadena > bah I hate that failed salvage message, saying "You succefully salvage the wreck, but sadly there is nothing to be salvaged" is the same as saying "You succesfully cook dinner, but sadly there is no food"
Louis deGuerre > I had that salvaging my first BS. Boy, was I pissed :)
Nikadena > You succesfully have sex, but sadly there was no woman
Louis deGuerre > well, that happens a lot to many people :)
<Kayosoni> the girl in it has an apron with a cat paw print on it and it says neko and she has catbells in her hair, little ones
<Kayosoni> pwn.
<~Stavros> LOOK
Frank Horrigan > im tired of loot not making any sense
Stavlokar Cerebus > You shouldn't try to have a conversation with your loot
TomB > rather do it well instead of doing it so that it sucks
EVE System > Channel changed to Ostingele Local Channel
hackjack > dume f's
hackjack > ooww
hackjack > mommy
hackjack > plz
hackjack > f off
hackjack > go play mans game
Ujamaflip > is anybody offended by that language?
Kanein Encanto > Only for the fact it's horribly mispelt...
Da Kid > lets go mine
Lord Seth > umm......i ...umm have to wash teh dog
Da Kid > doesnt it lick itself?
Lord Seth > lol
Lord Seth > i would rather scrub dog balls than mine
Da Kid > you'd rather scrub yours dogs balls than yours??? o.O
Lord Seth > LMAO
Lord Seth > fuck
Da Kid > wanna rephrase that?
Lord Seth > i would rather srub dog ball then shit for endless hours mining ore defeclessly in a astiroid belt
Lord Seth > SIT
Lord Seth > not shit
Lord Seth > i give up
Da Kid > yeah best thing
Dalan Darkstar > kid wins because of typing skills ftw
Da Kid > o/
Lord Seth > cuse
Da Kid > curse o.-
Lord Seth > fucking shit
Lord Seth > yes
Da Kid > trade you your ashimmu for a dictionary seth
AirWalker > "Eve online servers down for 24 other news pastie white people flood the streets worldwide search of tritanium....authorities are baffled"
Bloodspoon > yesterday there were presentations in scientific communications class on space exploration and if its worth it
Bloodspoon > and they started talking about moon bases and shit
Bloodspoon > then mentioned all the 'minerals' in 'asteroids' and all we need to do is 'mine' them i said under my breath 'fuckin carebears'
<Sphal> lol, I was just on the phone with my girlfriend and my roommate was yelling at someone down the hall
<Sphal> and she asked what it was and I told her it was just smacktalk in local
<Sphal> Signs I play too much eve #278
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