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Azia Burgi > search for "azia"
Azia Burgi >
Azia Burgi > its a bit embrassing
Azia Burgi > at last count i had 6 pages :S
Yellow9 CPC > I'm only part way through this Azia, That's really bizaare.
Azia Burgi > i'm especially proud of quote #5015
Azia Burgi >
Vyshaxan > how do I search for all your quotes azia
Azia Burgi > vyshaxan, search for azia
Vyshaxan > so is everything we say recorded to this site?
Azia Burgi > no
Azia Burgi > only when someone posts it
Vyshaxan > ah I just had that feeling like I was caught on candid camera
Mighty Hobo > i got bad news then...
Vyshaxan > yah?
Mighty Hobo > i record everything anyone says here
Azia Burgi > me too
Vyshaxan > well fortunatly for me I havnt done anything worth recording : )
Azia Burgi > wanna bet >:D
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