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ruro > i would mine, but everytime i mine, a little piece of soul is sucked out, i have to conserve what little i have
Gerome Doutrande > aww
Gerome Doutrande > poor ruro
BioNeb > hehe ruro
ruro > you see, everytime you mine, the soul sucking boringness gets you.
Therax > make that up by podding, lots and lots of podding
Therax > its like fairies, everytime you mine you kill a fairy
Therax > DO you want that on your moral slate?!
ruro > and everytime you pod someone, you release a new fairy.
ruro > i like it.
Therax > exactly
ruro > what if i just clone jumps lots =P
Therax > You get a lot of hunchback fairies
<Meridius> i was thinking about selling isk for tq but i fear teh ban :(
<t20> you not only fear the ban
<t20> you also fear my jovian anal proble
<t20> -l
<Meridius> :o
<t20> no clue how that L got there ..
<t20> not sure how the other words got there either
JGR Mao > k, when you goin to africa ?
Kin Oreyn > not sure yet, probably about a month
JGR Mao > k
JGR Mao > How long will you be gone ?
Kin Oreyn > heh, ehmm a year...
JGR Mao > eh
Kin Oreyn > but I'll have internet there
JGR Mao > he
JGR Mao > Ahh
JGR Mao > phew
JGR Mao > :)
Kin Oreyn > it probably wont be broadband, but I think I'll manage
JGR Mao > lets hope so
Budman17r > you could splice 50 dialups together
Budman17r > wire the modems together
Budman17r > and then you would have broadband :)
Kin Oreyn > weeeee sounds fun
Budman17r > and it could cook marshmellows
Budman17r > Broadband, and marshmellow cooker
Budman17r > dual uses
JGR Mao > maybe youll end up on a jungle drum relay or sumfin
Budman17r > lol,
Kin Oreyn > rofl
JGR Mao > Boink boink , boin, boink tak = left mouse click
[from the forums]

Adding some glue to the topic. Oh, and I"m not going to cast a vote. Not when my wife can read over my shoulder. ;)

*kieron is looking at the Quafe Court*
*Kieron"s wife looks over his shoulder and notices*

kie's wife: "What are you looking at?"
kieron: "The candidates for Quafe Queen."
wife: "Oh. And I suppose this is for work?"
kie: "Sure is."
wife: "Where"s my picture? Why isn"t it up there?"
kie: "Ummm....."
wife: "Where are you sleeping tonight?"
kie: "Uhh, the couch?"

;) Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

Community Manager,
EVE Online
[00:38] <Meridius> you know, this fitting screen with the capacitor bars and lights eveywhere, its lawl
[00:38] <NeoMorph> lawl?
[00:38] <Kayosoni> lawl?
[00:38] <Meridius> LAWL
[00:39] <Kayosoni> ...
[00:39] <Kayosoni> meri: no more crack for you.
Jadrut > well iff i had a gf at least my hand wouldnt get tired
Korenchkin > hmmmmm
Judicator >
Korenchkin > actually id better not say that
<NeoMorph> I cant figure out why I'm getting random picture breakups after demuxing the vid track. I got a feeling its the editor thats causing it
* Sassinak points and laughs at kayo
<NeoMorph> ooops... wrong channel
<NeoMorph> sorry
<Sassinak> BAN PLS
* NeoMorph blushes
* NeoMorph was kicked by nebulai (bannnnned! ;[)
<Sassinak> you turning into kayosoni or summin
<Negotiator> ?
<Sassinak> wtf is all the urls :P
<Negotiator> does it look like a catgirl with a dick to you?
<Negotiator> NO
<Negotiator> so shut up
<Negotiator> im not kayo
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Welcome to Dreamscape's Sales & Public Chit-chat channel.
Teela Belwynn > omg phren in empire, the carebear.. ;P
Celeb'loki > lol
Velsharoon > :D
phrenesis > yeah, i blame it on our contract :)
Teela Belwynn > blame? you were clearly enjoying it at the Kemek gate..
phrenesis > i never enjoy traveling in a bs, or in any other ship actually :)
Teela Belwynn >
Channelname: Local
Listener: Teela Belwynn
Session started: 2004.10.18 16:42:23
[17:24:54] phrenesis > i'm enjoying my stay in Kemek very much
[17:24:59] phrenesis > i'm a fluffy carebear
Teela Belwynn > explain
Celeb'loki > lol
phrenesis > lol
Celeb'loki > she's got you now m8 :D
Teela Belwynn > and there's more.. but i have standards..
phrenesis > hah its clearly fake, cause i cant type " i'm a fluffy carebear" in 5 seconds :)
Teela Belwynn > first line was obviously lagged on my side, since i was jumping into the system. :)>
Mina Tirith > phren is a caaaaaaarebeaaaar, nana
phrenesis > hehe
phrenesis > stfu mina
Teela Belwynn >
Channelname: Local
Listener: Teela Belwynn
Session started: 2004.10.18 16:42:23
[ 17:24:54 ] phrenesis > i'm enjoying my stay in Kemek very much
[ 17:24:59 ] phrenesis > i'm a fluffy carebear
[ 17:25:07 ] roxkz > lol, ok :)
[ 17:25:11 ] roxkz > you new here?
[ 17:25:29 ] phrenesis > depends on your definition of new..
[ 17:25:46 ] roxkz > lol well atleast I'm not the only one :D don't be shy
[ 17:25:54 ] roxkz > I used to play EnB :)
[ 17:26:02 ] Methous > anyone else here that want to hang out at the gate and play scrabble and listen to folk music?
[ 17:26:19 ] phrenesis > awsome!
Celeb'loki > lol
phrenesis > lol
Teela Belwynn > i warped out after that
Teela Belwynn > want me to send it to charity so she can spank..erhr, punish..erg, tie up..errrrh do stuff to you? :)>
SpaceGoat > if anyone is going to marry my sister ITS GOIN TO BE ME
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