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<Stavros> wow
<Stavros> we have teh rhaegar
<Stavros> :P
<Stavros> u know
<Stavros> i think i should get a hostmask
<Stavros> ;/
<Stavros> dont u think so rhaegar
<Rhaegar> wah, sorry wasi ngame :P
<Rhaegar> a hostmask you say
<Stavros> yes
<Stavros> possibly
<Stavros> or something equally sexual
<Stavros> -_-
<Dirus> or :P
<Stavros> yes
<Stavros> that is good as well
<Dirus> EvilBunny@Fur.of.all.Evil :)
<moocifer> nothing with 'us' in it x(
<Rhaegar> do a whois on Stav
<moocifer> X'D
<Dirus> hahahaha
<[BH]Virrago> Address:
<[BH]Virrago> :S
<Stavros> HAX :/
(ProphetGuru)molle is the best really
(ProphetGuru)he posts like. "Hi, I'm molle"
(ProphetGuru)and their is 9 pages of flames
<Mitchman> btw, there's a bug on the qualifier page for the race. It says Tuesday Oct 5, but oct 5th is a wednesday. Bug spreads down
<Nebulai> erm
<Nebulai> its a tuesday on my calender :P
<Mitchman> tuesday 4th, wednesday 5th
<Stavros> erm
<gota> tuesday was yesterday and it was the 5th :x
<Stavros> 5th is a tuesday
<Stavros> now is the 6th
<Stavros> wednesday the 6th
<gota> tuesday 5th, wed 6th
<Mitchman> oh crap
<Stavros> u realised u suck?
<gota> he realised he missed his race
* Mitchman beats his swiss clock to small pieces
<Nebulai> :P
<Stavros> OWNZED
<Stavros> ;/
<moocifer> X'D
(&Hammerhead) MajorGormur is very mean
(+cryogen) not as mean as Hammerhead
(&Hammerhead) he was just at my desk
(&Hammerhead) and he said "here let me see something"
(&Hammerhead) and he went in my eve and typed "/heal me 0"
(&Hammerhead) :-/
(&Hammerhead) now I'm in a pod
<t20> DOH
<t20> reorganising a hangar, putting everything in secure cargoes, and then hit select all / repackage ... is baaad
Karn Sadi > Wonder if they still force nobel price winners to give out semen samples :s
Atandros > what?
Wren > How else am I supposed to take over the universe if I can't seed an army by myself?
* MrBlades wins
<MrBlades> You know nothing
* ChanServ sets mode: -a MrBlades
* RinnyWee smirks
<RinnyWee> now
<RinnyWee> who wins?
* MrBlades continues to win
* RinnyWee sets mode: -o MrBlades
<RinnyWee> hmm?
<RinnyWee> who wins?
* MrBlades was kicked by Urban_Mongral (Sorry - I had to take my one and only chance to do this - BTW I Win)
<DJWesT> Just dont think about 'De-verginising' me :p
<DJWesT> *Virginising
<DJWesT> *Waits to get slagged off*
<DJMalone> for your spelling or your virginity?
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