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PHIONIX DARKANGEL > enof discushen deth to all
<Dalmont_Delantee> Ktan :P
<codetrap> I was surfing that website once.. anywebcam.. clicked on a cam and be damned if I didn't see my cousin
<codetrap> It wasn't good.
+<eejit> can a BH transport me to pub system on ReaLife server please
+<[EA]Night_Shade|Windows> /tr eejit PUB-42
+<eejit> o/
+<eejit> :/
+<eejit> can u spawn me some cash as well?
+<[EA]Night_Shade|Windows> yes. but i don't know what the command is.
+<[EA]Night_Shade|Windows> i can, however, load you some beer
+<[EA]Night_Shade|Windows> /load eejit "Spirits" 1000
+<eejit> o/
<Urban_Mongral> after 6 hours of DJing the space zombies will come along and start to eat you brain
<Urban_Mongral> and for the rest of your life you will be like Doby
<DJ_Trace_Macho> Blah, like I want to hang around that long anyway
<DJ_Trace_Macho> I got more important things to do... Like drinking whisky and looking at porn
<Urban_Mongral> exactly - thats the way to appease the space zombies
<Urban_Mongral> a brain thats full of porn and whisky is low in fibre and high in cholesterol
<Urban_Mongral> Where as after 6 hours of DJing your brain ends up in a sort of vegitive state - Which is a far more healthy option
<DJ_Trace_Macho> Heh
<Urban_Mongral> Yes good nutrition is important for brain eating space zombies
<redfish> yarr
<redfish> the fun?
<redfish> omg i cant spell "teh"
<redfish> "the fun" looks ghey
<AvApsi> i got a GF who's flat
<AvApsi> :(
<Ak-Gara> AvApsi
<Ak-Gara> stop dating 8 year olds
<t20> free hentai is as good as cybering

Great info can alwasy be found when sticking around after a Dev chat in IRC.
(Neghotiator) who cares how the girl sings anyway
(Neghotiator) whats more important is cooking and cleaning
(Neghotiator) cuz thats what they gotta be doing
(Neghotiator) not some fancy singing
(KnightDelta) lol
(KnightDelta) You're forgetting something important, Neghotiator.
(Neghotiator) ?
(KnightDelta) If they happen to be grammy award-winning international singers they can also afford a farm filled with those computer dream-machines every geek always dreams of.
(KnightDelta) The Cha-Ching Effect.
(Neghotiator) bill gates can afford that too
(Neghotiator) doesnt mean i pop a boner when i see him
(Neghotiator) (altho i do)
<Jadrut> sass is teh peen love
[Overkill] so are we hostile to fade now?
[Overkill] is everyone afk?
[Overkill] is sutty gay?
[bansh] yes
[Overkill] to all of them?
[bansh] but i don't know about fade or where everyone is
[Overkill] ohh ok
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