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Liafcipe9000 > WHAT THE FUCK
Liafcipe9000 > I just jetted some cap boosters into a can
Liafcipe9000 > and it's gone O_O
Liafcipe9000 > IT'S FCKING GONE
Barzhad > magic
Liafcipe9000 > WHAT THE FUCK
Barzhad > check if you accidentally trashed it
Liafcipe9000 > no
Liafcipe9000 > I saw the can
Barzhad > or sold it (check wallet/orders)
Liafcipe9000 > dude
Liafcipe9000 > i'm in space
Liafcipe9000 > dead space
Barzhad > maybe the can expired
Liafcipe9000 > in 2 seconds?
Liafcipe9000 > TWO SECONDS?!
Barzhad > how long was it there?
Liafcipe9000 > 2 seconds
Barzhad > petition
Liafcipe9000 > maybe there's some1 cloaked here 2.1K off the thing
Barzhad > maybe you switched to another overvie where you don't see the can?
Liafcipe9000 > no
Liafcipe9000 > DUDE
Liafcipe9000 > I SAW THE CAN POP
Barzhad > damn.
Liafcipe9000 > wait.
Liafcipe9000 > WAIT.
Liafcipe9000 > i'm so stupid
Barzhad > so what was it?
Liafcipe9000 > OF COURSE.
Liafcipe9000 > I'm sitting next to a tractor unit that I deployed
Liafcipe9000 > o
Liafcipe9000 > /emote shoots himself
Liafcipe9000 > so fail :(
Liafcipe9000 > please kill me.
Liafcipe9000 > now.
Senai Hareka > Hey, is it possible to run in station?
Thufir Bezluden > nope, you need to burn fat by running in RL
Senai Hareka > FUCK
Thufir Bezluden > might burn a few if you're good at it
Apostater Melkan > kind of a cool feeling hanging in low sec, never knowing when ya gonna need to flee
Krazy Dave > Low-sec has helped me understand wild animals so well
Victorious Xotzalci > can I get a cheap PLEX in amarr?
Victorious Xotzalci > i am looking for one under the normal price
Anagami Perigee > aren't we all
Little Chubby > Your grasp of economics is about as sound as Michael J. Fox holding a coke can.
Andreus Ixiris > Does anyone actually have units of Synthetic Coffee? I can never seem to find any.
Jandice Ymladris > aren't those sold on markets?
Andreus Ixiris > Jandice: They're a market item but I never see any on the market
Biggus Tankus > there are 2 Andreus in Lanngisi @ 875k per unit
Andreus Ixiris > And I thought prices at Starbucks were ridiculous
Jandice Ymladris > Remember, Free Sample
Jandice Ymladris > Then yo'ure hooked and they can milk you dry
Andreus Ixiris > I once saw a Free Sample on contract for a single ISK.
Jandice Ymladris > hope you bought it :p
Andreus Ixiris > It made me very sad.
Andreus Ixiris > It made me very sad because I realised there's someone out there in EVE who has a brilliant understanding of irony but he can only express himself through the contracts system
Eri Nihil > Welcome to EVE. What is "user-friendly", and can I shoot it for ISK?
Little Chubby > I'm so good at this game.
Little Chubby > Spent 30 seconds trying to find the jump button before realizing I was right clicking on a Charon
Teinyhr > I cant believe you got me googling AND finding an ejaculating vibrator
Schnizzel Berdinkus > I just see a high sec status with a bounty and think running scared.
Ubu > what bounty?
Schnizzel Berdinkus > 1,600,000 isk. Not enough to waste ammo on, really.
Ubu > you think 1.6 million is a bounty? You're out of touch.
Biggus Tankus > It's money on your head so ergo it's a bounty
Biggus Tankus > could be 1isk but the principle is the same
Ubu > It's someone telling me they like me
Schnizzel Berdinkus > Even if it only enough to say you weren't worth it.
Ubu > anything under a couple hundred mill is a joke
Schnizzel Berdinkus > Which means you're a joke?
Ubu > a joke between friends, but that's cool.
Schnizzel Berdinkus > A real friend would have put a bil on your head.
Ubu > yawn
Schnizzel Berdinkus > And ejaculated.
BeePan NOK > would be nice to know what there is in that moon
Dark Blood Prince > after tuesday place a siphob
Dark Blood Prince > siphon
Dark Blood Prince > get a taste :)
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