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Elsydian > I have a hampster named Nibbles :)
Chococat > oh ffs, I was just about to kill you, how can I kill you after an opening line like that
Elsydian > with love and adoration?
Elsydian > and chocolate kisses?
Chococat > but who would feed nibbles?
Elsydian > hes my only friend
Chococat > /emote dabs hankie to eye
Chococat > fear not small nibbles, Elsydian will be back to give you your fruit and kibble tonight
Elsydian > :)
Elsydian > ty for sparing my hampster
<Stavros> oh yeah
<Stavros> i forgot
<Stavros> ur events guys
<Sabaoth> lies
<Stavros> 50 noobs go in
<Stavros> 0 noobs come out
<Nebulai|Busy> ;o]
<Shredder> lol
* moocifer waves 'teh Stavros Banner'
<Stavros> zooooooooom into evol blockade :P
<Stavros> actually
<Stavros> i want to join :/
<Stavros> ut possibly more ebil than meh
Kelron Queldine > Hello
Trancehacker > Please Dont Ill Pay
Trancehacker > I just bought this
Kelron Queldine > 1 bil
Trancehacker > 1.7 Bill
Kelron Queldine > ok
Kelron Queldine > send
Trancehacker > I dont have that much left, I just spen it
Kelron Queldine > how much
Trancehacker > I have 200 Million on mme
Trancehacker > IOmcan sell some shit
Trancehacker > cmojn man
Kelron Queldine > what stuff
Trancehacker > I got all kinds a shit
Kelron Queldine > what can you sell?
Kelron Queldine > 200 isn't enough
Trancehacker > fuk
Trancehacker > um
Trancehacker > i got ships I can sell or trade, alot of named shit
Trancehacker > its all in hangerv at friggi
Kelron Queldine > how much are the ships worth?
Trancehacker > sec
Trancehacker > wait
Trancehacker > cmon man dont
Trancehacker > it took like a year of doin shit to get this ship
Trancehacker > for no beteer resason cmon dont
Trancehacker > U gonna fukin pod me too.....??
Trancehacker > U no good motherfuckers
Trancehacker > I sear to god u fukin cocksuckers
Trancehacker > Ur lucky its a game you piece of shit noi good fukin assjhole
Trancehacker > coward bitch motherfucker
Kelron Queldine > yeah
Kelron Queldine > I love you too
Trancehacker > roamin around killin unarmed people FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU
Trancehacker > COWARD COCKSUCKER motherfucker
Trancehacker > I will kill ytou fukin piece of shit
Trancehacker > youm wotrthless motherfuker
Trancehacker > Coward bitch pussies every fukin one of toyu
Trancehacker > you aint got shit to say you ainy shit you worthless fukbag motherfukewrs
Kelron Queldine > I would have let you go
Kelron Queldine > but ammo isn't free
Trancehacker > fuk you and this fukun bullshit game, aw crybaby, no, its fuked up that a year of work can be wiped for nothin by a bunch of no good fuckbags like U
Trancehacker > 1.7 Billion ISK U fukin piece of shit
Trancehacker > you worthless fuk
Trancehacker > I bet U feel real proud of yourself now too huh fukhead, like u accomplisged somethin right?
Kelron Queldine > Why were you sitting on a gate?
Trancehacker > I couldnt jump dickhead
Trancehacker > why does itb fukin matter to you
Trancehacker > why did u have destroy my shit
Kelron Queldine > you should petition it
Kelron Queldine > if you couldn't jump
Trancehacker > No Jump Option was allowed, Just said Approach and Info, No Jump
Trancehacker > thats not the fukin point, I wouldnt have to submit a petition u fuk if U didnt kill me
Trancehacker > ur a real gutless fukin bitch ass turd U know that, U just completely fuked up my reason for playing this game, so this alot asshole, I hopwe your real proud of yourself
Kelron Queldine > ISK would have been nicer
Trancehacker > I am so fukin mad, I wish I could see your fukin gutless ass face so I could beat it to a FUKIN PIULP u motherfukik!!!!!!
Trancehacker > Cowards like you hide in games like these
Trancehacker > NO GUTS in real life to confront people, your probably a little bitch ass nerd fuk boy, u little fukin basterd bitch
Kelron Queldine > You are hurting my feelings
Kelron Queldine > Please stop
Trancehacker > too scared, so u fukin run around eve raisin hell. take your bitch ass out to the front of lawless space and fight out on the lines, oh I forgot, U too much of a bitch, Youd rather stay in and pick on helpless miners, U fukin asshole
Trancehacker > fik u and this game u bitch motherfuker, and I'll tell U waht pussy, ur fukin lucky its game, cause If I knew you right now, Id be at your fukin house, kickin ur bitch ass, believve it you pussy motherfucker
Trancehacker > gutless turd bitch
Kelron Queldine > Would you like my home address?
Trancehacker > give it motherfucker, u cocky little fuk, u think Im playin test me U bitch, Give IT!!!!!!!!!
Kelron Queldine > 12 Dixon Street, Lincoln
Trancehacker > Lincolm Waht
Trancehacker > What
Trancehacker > WWith that vague ass shit, grow some balls u little faggot
Kelron Queldine > UK
Trancehacker > Oh your a british little bitch
Kelron Queldine > Yes
Kelron Queldine > I take it you're american?
Trancehacker > ur still a dirty fuker for what u did, it was unprovoked, unwarranted, unfair, and not fukin right, I dont care what U say
Trancehacker > U have any Idea how much work, how much time, how much of my monthly fees just went to shit because of you you motherfuker
Trancehacker > That wsnt a Battleship, that wasnt some fukin ammrian crap as vessel, that was a Rorqual, a 1.7 billion ISK ship u little shitbag
Kelron Queldine > You've been playing 2 years, you know pirates live in low sec
Kelron Queldine > You should have kept enough ISK to pay us
Trancehacker > How the fuk do you know long Ive been playin??
Trancehacker > what are U?
Kelron Queldine > All us weak nerd kids know how to hack accounts
Trancehacker > u HACKED MY SHIT EH
Kelron Queldine > Maybe you should spend less time working out
Kelron Queldine > It's clearly damaged your brain
Trancehacker > Fuk ur advice
Trancehacker > and fuk u
Trancehacker > I dont who u are, or what u can do
Kelron Queldine > So you're not coming to visit?
Trancehacker > or waht U think or profess to be able to do, It dont matter, people like U are all the same, Thats why Im probably gonna stop now, thats the last time I get ripped off by some little fuk like U
Kelron Queldine > I was going to get my spare room ready
Trancehacker > U cocky little shit, easy to talk shit from across the pond bitvvh
Kelron Queldine > You're doing a very good job of demonstrating that
Trancehacker > sittin in ur little room, killin unarmed gamers who dont know U, or care to know U, that what U pay 15 bucks a month for, to fuk over people like me?
Trancehacker > Fuk your bravado talk, and attitude, ur still a pice of shit
Trancehacker > U are a pice of shit, u'll always be a pice of shit, Im gonna close this account, cause if litttle fuks like U can hack it, then I dont want to play it, Ur smart ass talk and comment would last 2 seconds in the real world u fuker, go to hell, I fukin ha
Trancehacker > hate you, your a coward, fuk off
Leyla Dufrene > wtf???
Leyla Dufrene > why am I in a POD in IBURA!?
Sauron Starcrusher > i got you good :p
Leyla Dufrene > you bastard
Leyla Dufrene > why would you do that!
Sauron Starcrusher > cause it's f'in hilarious
Sauron Starcrusher > you left your char on here last night, so i threw ya in a shuttle and sent you across the universe :p
JamesS - So what IS the best boob gif
wizzard66 - i can link a picture of me
JamesS - Man boobs FTW
* @darklyndsea claws bizarre's eyes out
<@Bizarre> (
<Pallantre> I'm hungry enough to eat a horse.
* Pallantre was kicked by HellGremlin (Pallantre - DO NOT MENTION THE FORBIDDEN ANIMAL (AUTO-KICK))
* Pallantre has joined #squirrelnutzippers
<HellGremlin> Hahahahahahahaha oh Jesus, I'm taking it out.
<Pallantre> turn that gay script off
<Pallantre> you know, we might be mentioning 'h0rse' a lot
* Pallantre was kicked by HellGremlin (Pallantre - DO NOT MENTION THE F0RBIDD3N 4NIM4L (AUTO-KICK))
* Pallantre has joined #squirrelnutzippers
<HellGremlin> Baahahahahahaa.
<Levin> LOL
(NTRabbit) we now cross live to Stavros, our correspondent in Iceland
(Stavros) FUCK U ALL
(NTRabbit) an insightful story there from Stavros
(NTRabbit) and now the weather
(Stavros) shit and grey
(Stavros) alot of grey
ActiveX > rofl
ActiveX > I just instaed to a gate
ActiveX > And couldnt see it
ActiveX > I spun the camera around and around for like 5 minutes
ActiveX > petitioned for stuck
ActiveX > and then he told me to look up
ActiveX > :(
PredatorPT > rofl
Zephirz > hahaha
ActiveX > oh man, do I ever feel like a moron
Cadela Fria > Dammit!
Cadela Fria > I broke my G-string fingering a minor :(
Tareen Kashaar > didn't know you wore thongs, boss
Cadela Fria > What?
Cadela Fria > You misunderstand, I broke my G-string while fingering a minor
Tareen Kashaar > omg
Cadela Fria > I was trying to play "Knocking on Heavens Door"
Tareen Kashaar > it sounds even more perverted the second time around
Tareen Kashaar > so you... molest minors and... break... thongs
Tareen Kashaar > brb...
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