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*Theo Samaritan knocks on the door
Theo Samaritan > Would you like to come to lowsec? Come on rookies come and play. I don't gank you anymore, come on to 0.4, we can clear your waaaaaaaay!
LigitLawer > Hello, I represent the prosecution in this case Yummy Yummy Yummy > Mom i trying ot be nice and u keep screwed with me
LigitLawer > I, through the evidence i intend to provide to the jury, will prove that Yummy Yummy Yummy is in fact, guilty of being a cheating bitch, and a twatwaffle.
PimpDady > wait...twatwaffle is a good thing isn't it?
Mom > These are my lawyers, What you say to me, you say to them.
PimpDady > she has our pants
LigitLawer > She pays in blowjobs
LigitLawer > He bro
LigitLawer > I know you need isk
LigitLawer > Send me 6B
PimpDady > We not jump on u
LigitLawer > Ill double it
LigitLawer > Im a lawyerr
LigitLawer > You can trust me
PimpDady > he will he just drubled mine
LigitLawer > Ill just take a bit for fees and taxes
TheWooGuy > He is, and you can indeed trust him
Yummy Yummy Yummy > Mom im trying to mend any issues we have your not helping
TheWooGuy > Mom doesn't have the issues
PimpDady > it will help if u send 1 billion and show value of her discussion
PimpDady > see you keep asking for now she is in order to have nice happy time
Yummy Yummy Yummy > hmm
PimpDady > u pay 1 billion u can talk to Mom without us
PimpDady > think of it like eve prostitution
PimpDady > and i am the pimp!
LigitLawer > I would like to bring forawrd a witness to Yummy Yummy Yummy's bitchness
PimpDady > YES I made myself a pimp!
PimpDady > damnit another black guy...hope hes not trying to be a pimp
LigitLawer > BlackguyWithBomb, do you sware to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Allah?
BlackguyWithBomb > /emote palces hand on drop trigger to suicide bomb
BlackguyWithBomb > I do
PimpDady > don't deal with lawyers send me isk..I get u room with Mom
BlackguyWithBomb > I have witnessed Yummy Yummy Yummy is a cheating bitch, having stolen ISK from corp members
BlackguyWithBomb > Also, he is a twat waffle who cant handel vida games like a pro
PimpDady > and he doesn't even think continued contact with Mom is worth 1billion....
LigitLawer > Thank you, you may leave the stand
BlackguyWithBomb > /emote drops the bomb, and the base
Ninavask > Fly safe everyone, except Degen. Degen, explode frequently.
Halcyon Ember > if he does it in station it will be messy
Degen Sankriga > I don't think he minds where, Ms. Ember.
Degen Sankriga > As long as I explode, he will be okay with it.
Tycho' Arvell > try not to explode spontaniously.
Andreus Ixiris > Yeah, warn us beforehand
Degen Sankriga > I will try to refrain from spontaniously exploding.
Halcyon Ember > Let me know if you have a chance of exploding in my locality, I'll dress appropriately
Luncinia Padecain > /emote sneaks up behind and stuffs Demon Cookie in a jar... hold the jar under her arm and yells... "THIS IS MAH COOKIE! Anyones tried to take my cookie will suffer the fires of hell and the mercy of Cthulhu!"
Demon Cookie > *squeals and finds herself captive, secretly enjoying it*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote runs to a corner pulls Demon Cookie out of the jar and starts nibbling
Demon Cookie > /emote moans as she's being nibbled
Luncinia Padecain > shhh!
Demon Cookie > /emote quietens her moans a little after being shushed
Demon Cookie > :P
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes a gag, stuffs it in Demon Cookie's mouth, ties it around the head and starts nibbling on toes
Zombie Berlioz > o.O
Demon Cookie > /emote is muffled so can only squirm around while being nibbled
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes a chopstick and pokes the foot in a pressure point until Demon Cookie buckles and starts tying Demon Cookie up to stop the squirming
[Luncinia Padecain > /emote bends over to look demon cookie in the eye... You going to stop squirming now?
Demon Cookie > *nods wideeyed*
Luncinia Padecain > ... ok
Luncinia Padecain > /emote starts nibbling on a finger
Luncinia Padecain > /emote also tickles Demon Cookie's foot with the chopstick
Demon Cookie > *squirms around desperately trying to yank her feet away from the tickling*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote straddles Demon Cookie and smacks the ass hard.... What did I just say?!
Demon Cookie > /emote whimpers muffled by the gag manages to pull it down enough to say "But that was before you started tickling which should be considered cheating!"
Luncinia Padecain > /emote pokes Demon Cookie's foot hard with the chopstick at a pressure point...
Luncinia Padecain > Did you want me to get the paddle?
Demon Cookie > *nods*
Luncinia Padecain > Oh?
Luncinia Padecain > /emote holds back a smile
Bodewhin Schwarz > fucks going on in here o.O
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gets up and comes back with an 1/2" oak paddle with holes drilled in it which looks more like a cricket bat and cracks one over Demon Cookie's ass
Luncinia Padecain > /emote looks at Bodewhin Schwarz ...
Luncinia Padecain > nothing
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives another swing at Demon Cookie's backside
Demon Cookie > /emote tries to act like she's in pain but secretly enjoys it
Bodewhin Schwarz > Im going to save this chat and upload it somewhere
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives three more cracks in succession on Demon Cookie
Bodewhin Schwarz > Maybe on the eveO forums
Bodewhin Schwarz > Make a disturbing/emarassing chat thread
Woulaan > <disturbing comment placeholder>
Demon Cookie > Hey just wait till Lucinia cracks out the ballgags :P
Luncinia Padecain > is tough cookie to break
Demon Cookie > You're not meant to break the cookie. Be gentle! (but not too gentle)
Luncinia Padecain > /emote stomps a foot right in the middle of Demon Cookie's back... Did I say you could speak?!
Demon Cookie > *whimpers and shakes her head, wide eyed*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes her foot of Demon Cookie's back
Luncinia Padecain > are you going to be good now?
Demon Cookie > *nods*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gets down and starts to untie Demon Cookie
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives one more crack across the bottom of Demon Cookie's feet before setting Demon Cookie free
Luncinia Padecain > better?
Demon Cookie > *is untied and relaxes then jumps startled at the last minute swat* Yes, thank you :D
Luncinia Padecain > /emote cuddles with Demon Cookie
Demon Cookie > /emote cuddles with Luncinia Padecain
Seven Koskanaiken > man if i die now it will make a funny lossmial
Muad 'dib > why are you hauling clowns?
xCirrex Utama > Halan Devan how does one gatecamp irl? :O
Faustus Kraemar > Wait by the door to the toilet with duct tape and a baseball bat
Reginald Sakakibara > In their inferiority, they believed they could rebel against the Empire. Their republic is both weak and pathetic.
Reginald Sakakibara > Only by the light of God's grace can the people of New Eden achieve true enlightenment--GOD SAVE AMARR! ALL HAIL THE EMPRESS! DOWN WITH THE SLAVE SCUM!
Reginald Sakakibara > The slave's position is one of betterment. By living generations of servitude, they can raise themselves from the squalor of their idiocy.
Reginald Sakakibara > And yet the slaves raise their pitchforks, their duct tape, their rust against the fleet of saviours.
Reginald Sakakibara > Against the Imperial Golden Fleet--against the might of the 24TH IMPERIAL CRUSADE!
Reginald Sakakibara > Long live the Empress!
Zen Guerrilla > The Empress takes it in the butt
Raymond Jaques Seever > Yep, because your Empress shags fedos..
james clough > no you take it in the butt from the empress
Zen Guerrilla > i'd like that
Zen Guerrilla > dirty empress
Raven Mystique > usa will never invade austria, there is no oil :-)
Doctor Bogenbroom > you have kangaroos
Par'Gellen > wow...
Camper101 > i'm off playing the sims, i actually get kills there.
Symbiotes (Insane): new doomscenario: I might BE gevlon goblin, without knowing it myself!
dirk_johnwood: the most unfortunate version of fight club ever
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